Elders advise needed urgently

Elders I need your immediate advise.
There is this kunguru I met through a friend in Kericho. She is a student in one of the colleges in nakuru. Nilirusha mtama last April akaingia box after some weeks nikapewa slices. Initially she was financially affordable juu ningemlipia fare to nairobi chew the whole weekend and on Monday pay her fare and 1500/- pocket money. Recently she demanded that I support her acquire a digital TV worth 24k. As you know this kind of request is not supported by the current constitution ratified during the last men’s conference I decided to ghost her. She kept cool and continued texting me once in a while to say hi and alot of sweet nothings as usual. Then last week Thursday she called and told me anataka mti sana mpaka ameamua akujie nairobi over the weekend. Mimi nikasense danger nikamwambia nimeenda seminar north coast till Monday. Akainsist lazima tumeet before Monday juu a naskia kupigwa kuni sana. I agreed for a Sunday match in nairobi but I am highly suspicious. Ni kama this kale amenipangia mabaya juu nilikataa kutoa 24k. Elders of wisdom please advise… Vijana kama @Vinywaff na wale wa Rika yako tafadhali tuheshimiane kwa hii.

Google “heat”…
aka oestrus…
And try and estimate your cashflow for the next 18 years…

Mbila pisha !

Banange hata Thermal image ya kunguru ikiitisha kuni…

:D:D:D:D apana enda against mens conference constitution . my advice ni avoid kabisa hio nyoka atakupiga mchele akuoshe

Stand your ground hauna pesa ya TV,kula na condom ukishamwaga kagueni cd pamoja and agree in one accord there is no bust or leakage,rinse and repeat.

Let me tell you something about women…–they will screw you one way or the other

:D:D:D:D:D… Baby rabies fully loaded!!!

You are in Mombasa remember??? Don’t you divert from that… that’s if you are not prepared to ‘baby I missed my periods’
Bro you are about to loose big time!! RUN like your life depends on it coz it does

Akifika do a pregnancy test kwanza.

Asante brother

Once your instincts tell you otherwise then juwa tu ni kubaya.
Wewe si “uko Mombasa seminar” tulia tu vivyo hivyo never break character my brother

kijana how did you become an elder?!!! no one goes into boni forest and appears again through the escape route. @administrator toa huyu kwa elders council

My instincts has refused this completely despite the dry spell

Make sure to condomize usiwekelewe ball in a few weeks

She is pregnant by a bodaboda in her local town and now she wants you to seal it.

College/uni kungurus huwa hivo.First they play the independent girlfriend.Atakuletea vitu bila kuomba fare,and if you offer her a return,atakuambia anayo…Then utaingizwa mtego ya "taking care of your girl…and you know how,it goes.

worse she expect wewe ndio ugharamikie 100% bila hata yeye kuona haya mspilt hata kama yeye achukue 40%.

They apply rope-a-dope. Ikiwa wewe si mjanja utakulwa.
Stay the fuck away from that girl!!! I REAPEAT…!!

Tulisema hapa kama wazee,NEVER BE EASILY AVAILABLE TO A KUNGURU!! Saa zingine just mute for a week,akituma text or a call, you don’t take it.
This spares you of unnecessary mazoeano,kiwango uombwe kununulia komodo tv.
Vile uko mombasa,mwambie kazi kaongezeka maybe utakuja another day,and when that day comes utakuwa umepigwa transfer N.E. on emergency.

Mimba amepata anatafuta wa kuekelea. Lakini wewe chief chyeth hekaya zako nyingi ni za uongo.

She could already be pregnant my guy you guy.

Chorea bana. Nyonga ulale

Wear your dancing shoes,run to the hills. Akiendelea kusumbuana,nipee through pass to divert her attention, nimimalizana na yeye nimrushie elder mwingine pia.iend chain chain