Earth just had a near-miss with a 24KM/Sec Astroid

An asteroid dubbed a ‘city-killer’ narrowly missed colliding with the Earth on Thursday, scientists have revealed. Asteroid 2019 OK - around 100 metres in diameter and racing at 24 kilometres a second - flew past Earth at around 11.22am on Thursday morning. Astronomers had no idea the rock was coming due to the asteroid flying towards us from the direction of the sun.

Traveling at 24Km/Second the impact would be equivalent to 30 Atomic bombs

that was a huge one…phew

Ah ferk wish it hit

Just wished itulime. Kwani where do you think your going

Kuna kitu huwa sielewi, in space there is no gravity so what propels the asteroid to such speed

They say there are such near misses several times every day! Just the right one at the right time and we are all fried!!

Evolution theory is loosing grip and relevance, science has come up with a new theorem, the alien creation theory. all this near misses as propagated by them is a scare tactic that science uses to remain relevant.

ingetuchapa tu…

Of course there is alot of gravity because of the space-time continuum. Gravity arises as space-time gets distorted by heavenly bodies. It is the glue of the universe. Without the gravity exerted by black holes, the universe would cramble

Gravity is everywhere in the universe, Anko!

@mr shairman @FireOne Euler the suns gravity???

The sun’s gravity is evidence that the entire universe is glued together by the distortion of space-time

just a matter of when not if. trust me, something out there is protecting us but the guard will go down.

Complicating a simple notion the suns gravity does not just disappear past mercury that would mean the earth and other planets would just float to any place anyhow…
Simple as that sijui space and time inatokea wapi kwa gravity hata…
Alafu even blackholes are believed to have gravitational pull theoretically

I was trying to explain the source of gravity itself.

Mimi hizi science zote nimepotea…the question above was why those massive stones in space move at those extreme speeds? I would also like to know… Please! Mtu-explainie kama watoto wa std 3 we wanna know.

100 metres ni kadogo. given the speed it would probably reach the sea a quarter the size. this is just scare mongering.

kuna super huge giants huko nje wanahunt giant birds hiyo ni mawe imerushwa na catapult ikamiss

Thank goodness for Jupiter!

Their speed caused by the forward velocity exhibited by earth and other heavenly bodies. There speed is relative to objects they encounter. If comes close to Earth’s orbit, it will fly past in 18.5 miles per hour which is the same velocity that earth revolves around the sun with. Again, gravity comes into play