Earth just had a near-miss with a 24KM/Sec Astroid

Kweli. Scientists are making a big deal of something that at most will be an explosion the size of the tsar bomba when it hits earth. Hii si extinction event

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The focus is not on this particular one. But it shows that the risk of a collision may be high. It may be a pointer to a larger one coming, thus the intense focus

You mean like the movie Armageddon when a massive asteroid hit the asteroid belt and “sent shrapennel right for us”? Doubtfull. Asteroids generally travel solo

[SIZE=7][B]NASA says massive asteroid is on an impact course with Earth…eventually[/B][/SIZE]

NASA has announced that on September 22, 2135 (which happens to be a Thursday, if you need to check your schedule), there is a small chance an asteroid a third of a mile across (named Bennu) will slam into the Earth with an impact energy equivalent to the currently deployed arsenal of US nuclear ballistic missiles.
[li]An asteroid apocalypse could occur in the year 2135. Here’s how scientists hope to prevent it[/li][/ul]

In 2135, I’ll be too old to care. Wailete… :slight_smile:

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Correction… " will be an ancestor…"

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Google is your friend…

[SIZE=7]Why do space objects like meteors, asteroids, and comets travel so fast?[/SIZE]

Everything Earth can encounter (and collide with) in the solar system is falling towards and/or around the Sun. This is a simple result of how gravity works. When an object (stone, comet, planet, etc…) is falling around the Sun, we call it ‘orbiting’. These objects in orbit have a specific and predictable orbital speed (which you can calculate by applying simple rules) which depends on their distance from the Sun (and on something called specific orbital energy). Earth’s orbital speed around the Sun is about 30 km/s. So just about everything we encounter that crosses Earth’s orbit, has a similar speed relative to the Sun.

Just about all objects crossing Earth’s orbit are not in (almost) the same orbit as our planet is. Because only then their relative speed to Earth would be ‘slow’. On the contrary! Most objects on a potential collision course have significantly dissimilar orbits and will have a large relative speed to Earth. Up to about 60 km/s for a head-on collission. The bulk of them will have a speed of somehwere between 10-40 km/s relative to Earth which is very fast indeed.

Basically everything in the universe is moving, hakuna kitu imesimama, it all started with the Big Bang, when you know that the next question becomes, at what speed and in what direction.

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What will we gain if it hits us