Dynasty chased and whisked away by angry villagers



Happy New Year

Dynasties are living in full denial. The grassroots are hostile and unforgiving. They are all going down. Hustler movement will sweep the entire country infact a good number of Tanga Tanga leaders will lose at the primaries.

The richest man in East Africa woke up very in the morning at the start of the new year to go beg for blessings from elders.

Proud youths who resolve what to do and do what they resolve forced him to ride the donkey of shame, back to where he came from.

Gideon sold his birthright to Dr. William Ruto, who has already received all the blessings available.

Paying youths to put twigs on the road so as to block someone from visiting elders is a new low. Shows lots of insecurities. But anyway Gideon did meet the elders and was warmly received.

Mbona walikubali kulipwa? Kwani hawaheshimu Gideon? Mbona wakakubali kutumiwa na mwizi wa sugoi? Ama wanaogopa Arror? Kwani Arror ako powerful aje?

Elders fake ao. Lipa na Mpesa kwa ukuta ni ya nini? Gideon amekutana na wakora. Blessings haziuzwi. Huwa free

Ruto achunge sana Helicopter mechanic wake asiweke helicopter mchele

The consequences are better imagined than experienced.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Did you mean to say Kieleweke?

I don’t wish him harm lakini kwani Ruto ni nani? Kama Moi alishindwa kumaliza Kikuyu Ruto tu ni Meffi ya kuku

The same Moi alishindwa na Ruto. The same Ruto has turned central kenya against Uhuru. Pia mimi najiuliza kwani Ruto ni nani

2022 is far. The things we will see.

Game bado changa.

Very sad that kenya’s future and the future of our kids is being reduced to kalenjin elders.

Vitu ndogo ndogo inawasumbua nyinyi. Nkt! fogof!

This is old GHC theories written by Patel for KCPE. DNA shows we migrated from Egypt. From the desert, It only makes sense,

This idiot was trying to meet one of the Talai elders at dawn today. His request for the meeting had been declined. He had offered millions to get that meeting but you know his aloofness doesn’t get it. You request and await invitation. He was told to go seek permission from DP Uncle Ruto who was already crowned Orkoiyot. That position will only become vacant again, 90 days after he passes on. So his desperate attempts to go there by force was repulsed and chased away.

2020 crowning of DP Uncle Ruto as Orkoiyot of Kalenjin community by Talai elders and Christian religious leaders. Exactly 90 days after nyayo death at dawn. This position is for life.


Kwani Hawa elders wanakuwanga na nini

Rutos fall is eminent, he is just postponing the inevitable.

Backward politics. Every kenyan has the right of movement