Dynasty chased and whisked away by angry villagers

Oh sani. :D:D

If votes mattered, Trump would have been declared president the second time. Siku hizi jambo muhimu ni system. Uko na system au la? Ruto hajulikani abroad and Kenya is too important for them. Biden na Uhuru are Catholics, Pope anawatambua. Their slogans are the same: build back better. You are lying to yourselef if you think Ruto anaweza pewa hiyo kiti. Anyway mm niko side ya ‘dynasties’ juu hii BBI ni muhimu sana for peace sake.

hata wewe Ni dynasties

Exactly. HNY…barikiwa.

Doktari kumaliswa


Power iko na wenyewe. Thieves, hustlers, chokoras and other scum should know their place.


Both can go to hell

In all this,you forget to tell uhuru:


Game bado changa.

BBI must fall flat on it’s face Wakenya wenzangu. Our only chance of removing some of these people from politics. Else tutabaki hapa mika nenda miaka rudi. With Muhoho Kenyatta now in power and Uhuru’s sons being groomed to take over sisi kwinished.
They have amassed so much dirty money at our expense.


Special blessings

where are you even getting this? some Afrocentric website run by Clyde winters with bs DNA? Actually DNA studies show that Bantus are from Cameroon.
Let’s combine what was said with the genetic discussion. The reason why the Bantu migration is seen as factual is because of language study and genetics. They have found that Bantu peoples carry similar autosomes, Y-DNA and Mt-DNA to West Africans. Where ever you find Bantu peoples, the men usually have a preponderance of Y-DNA E-M2, E-U174, E1b1a8a.
Mozambican genetic variation provides new insights into the Bantu expansion Mozambican genetic variation provides new insights into the Bantu expansion | bioRxiv Turns out (as I expected) that Bantu people can be genetically distinguished according to the region: Central African Bantus have Biaka Pygmy blood East African Bantus have Nilotic, Cushitic and Easter HG blood. Most Southern African Bantus have ‘Khoisan’ Blood Mozambican, Angolan and Malawian Bantus have little to no extra population blood.