duplex donholme manenos

so guyz niko kwa kiwanja,but in 2017 i built duplex cost was 7.5m , land bought 400k in 2001 and it bring me 70k per month 840k per yr two oria tenenants, three bedroom two bath sittin room jikoni american style na small compound mbele gate a/b hakuna backyard just a small place to hang clothes,sasa swali ni am asking my self should i sell this thing coz i know i can get atleast 15m-20m n go to kile area n buy 2 apartment za bedroom mbili each n double my income or should i take a loan against it and build on a quater nilibuy gitengela isinya exactly nyuma ya high point bar n do air b n b focusing on diaspora and also if i go to the bank how much can this people give me also was thinking nichukue hii pesa buy ocean facing condo kilifi ni doo air b n b ya ma slay queens ebu whats ur thoughts, currently nina cash at hand 2m sipendi kuweka pesa kwa bank as not making money on it,care taker ni baba yangu anakula 7k per month

Huyu ni babako unabeba ujinga hivyo kwa ndoto? Amka ukojoe ama utahangaika tena usiku.

Point me to where you can get a 2bdr apartment in kile for 7m…

I would go for the Kileleshwa option. No constructions stress, but ready built with confirmed rental rates and get them occupied ASAP. Sane tenants working for a multinational who will pay rent on time. And you’ll surely double the 70K.

ROI in Kileleshwa will be almost immediately, versus building from scratch and then waiting for 6+ months before construction is done. Then rates za huko Kitengela ni useless. Air bnb sahii tourism ni mbaya. Might not recover for at least 2 years.

Baba yako alikuzaa, akakulea, akakusomesha…sasa wewe umemgueza caretaker unamlipa 7k?..another great condom AD.

Kileleshwa is full of empty apartments… investing in uptown is bad idea.
With 15m he can only buy one apartment which will earn him the same amount he is earning in donholm.

Where if not Nairobi uptown? Runda hakuna nyumba ya 15m

Save the money he is earning in a sacco achukue loan aende ajenge uko kitengela.

He can get s block of flats in areas like Kasarani or Zimmerman or Umoja with monthly rental income of 100 to 150k.

This income is from a block of 15M?

15 m ukiuza io na plot ya 2m enye uko nayo already unaeza jenga one bedrooms zitakupea income kubwa zaidi. Ongea na @Randy

endelea kukula hio 70 tafuta pesa ingine ufanye project ingine

I vehemently deny that 15m in Kitengela can bring an ROI of more than 140K per month. Explain to me. Assuming he constructs two mansions worth 7m each, what’s the expected income? Not more than 80k. Hapo bado you haven’t considered the cost of land.

run away from real estate bruhh

Its very easy to make 140k from a 15m investment. … He is not limited to mansions on 40 x60 plot you can fit 8 decent bedsitter each renting for 7-8k with 15m you can do atleast 3floors…

Alitaka kuwa caretaker as I was going to hire professional to do it that the market rate


That’s why am here for ideas, I have been doing research(mostly online n word of mouth yet to hire pro) n I see this new development uko for close that amount for example just a quick search online

yeye ni retired bored n he wanted to do it thats the market rate n I still pay all his xpenses e. g forked up 800k on his medical last year alichapwa na stroke so I have no guilty feeling uko poa Ana stress thanks nipe input on the other issues

Asante that was my thinking but it always good to consult n try to find people who have walked the path or have n idea