Dryfried a kienyeji two weeks ago and now feeling weird

Fellow villagers what could be happening?..am experiencing some itching around the thighs


Tumesema mara ngapi weka CD mpangoni? Enda ukapimwe.


Uko na ugonjwa ya Nguiology

That is a fungal infection. Ask @rexxsimba akupatie prescription upake cream.

The only way we can help you is if you give us a full narrative of how the whole thing happened.

Where and how did you meet, how did you arrive to the conclusion that she is a “kienyeji”, where did the match take place, how many strokes dd you give her, what was her response, did you sniff at the punani before you started???

Without the details pambana na hali yako peke yako na uwache umalaya.

Condomu ni 50 tu:Denda ona daktari immediately

Kungekua hamna intaneti ungeenda hospitali na ungekua kwenye dozi muda huu ila kwakua kuna intaneti unapoteza muda kuuliza maswali obvious

Na like sh.3000 , public hospital doctors and nurses are at longer heads with the government hautasaidika .

…na nyasaye akulinde…

:D:DJamaa is a doc in hippopotamuses butts

Ukidinyana uliuliza nani akupe approval??? Sasa unakuja apa na ufala minngi. Enda ukikaukanga mzee!!!

Hehehe …
If it is just a rash on the thighs , it is likely a Fungal Infection .
Ask the Chemist for Beclomin Cream and it should clear up …


Maumivu Yakizidi , Muone Daktari … :smiley: :smiley:

Niaje @dr.n aka Dr. Luther12?


Huh? :oops::rolleyes:

NYS remedial English course would be in order.


A very Idiotic assumption …
BBWs are just a spare time Hobby … :smiley:


Na Bolingo Ovyo Ovyo … :smiley: :smiley: