Dryfried a kienyeji two weeks ago and now feeling weird

Assuming you get a BBW patient, most of the time you take their numbers to take “coffee” Together after they heal

Yaani unaepuka Covid kisha unamalizwa na Ukimwi?Bure kabisa!

Pigana na kaswende kimya kimya kaka

Am not rexx neither am i dr. Luther please…

Whatever u say we are not in class nigger

Huh? :oops::rolleyes:

Guess you must think you’re in the hood or grew up there or watched one too many Hollywood movies.

Uliza @boy wa Rongai anauza fungal cream

niaje chief

Hawa vienyeji naskiaga wanakuaga na kisonono mbaya sana. Am sure she is average looking na ni mluhya…

Poa sana

Approved and signed by dry Fry artist. Uwes

Tuma chai nikujenge prescription…am an Doctor

Would You say “No” to an Offer for “Coffee” …?? :smiley:


:Ddefinitely I would agree

it should be franco and tpok jazz