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[ATTACH=full]3787[/ATTACH] What are the chances of one contracting an std or hiv after an encounter with a burst condom? Yaani ilipasukia ndani ya malaya utamu ikazidii ikabidi nimwage ndani. Sketch ndio hii…

Fifty fifty

Isn’t that abit too high? @Dereva

So if you already know, then what are you asking?Concentrate your efforts on Unicorn to notice you.


Mathice wacha utoto please… Hii mambo ni serious


kwenyu ni wapi uncle tuanzie mchango ya matanga

Nilikua nimeingiza baridi lakini nime Google nikaona ni 0.000666% nimetulia

hakuna haja sonko rescue team ita sort uncle nyam dog

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What no one tells you (because you’re expected to know) is that hiyo 0.000666% ni watu, living breathing human beings. And to that one person who is or gets infected, the infection is 100% in him/her, not 0.000666%.


New development :Dem amenipigia anataka twende vct

kwani ni lister ameona hii listing??

@admin please delete avatar ya @uncle nyam …he is advocating incest which am sure goes against village rules

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Apana ni dem tulilewa naye jana. Nikaa ameingiza baridi

wacha machungu juu alikunyima punyeto

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hehe enda VCT

But Dr. I think many factors come into play, eg… If she’s indeed positive… Her viral load… Circumcision… Etc… ama?

Factors whose details you are, as of now, yet unaware of.

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just seen kwa news nairobi has the highest rate of HIV in kenya…it even gets grimmer if shes a MARRIED lady living in NAIROBI…wewe kwisha

Sasa mnaniogopesha