Dr. Luther12

wrapping it up may be boring but atleast you will live to tell the stories in twenty years time

Tuko wengi

I’ve always found a way of kippin maself safe ,trusting in God and being busy …Hii maisha ,hata kama ni ngumu, No-one wants to die::Let kip safe


Btw, is the risk a statistical random possibility or there are certain factors that can be evaluated on a person and used to predict the outcome with 100% accuracy? Like we know if you cut the neck, you die 100%, not 60%. kitu kama hio.

are you looking for an honest opinion or a consolation?

Go to Aga khan lab (kshs2500) after 7 days or start PEP and chill 3-6 months. PEP (if 72 hours ain’t over since exposure) has side effect to the point most people(think people who didn’t get exposed willingly e.g. rape) don’t finish the dosage but depends on individual. At VCT you’ll have to do a “cassette”/blot HIV test before being issued ARV/PEP. PEP is free. I’m sure even if Dr Luther has an incident such as a pricked needle or splatter in his eyes from a reactive person he would be asking the same question. What percent do YOU love your life, 0.00666?


As a psychologist/truck driver i have been left puzzled by that statement.
I totally believe and trust in God,i keep myself busy and and safe -always!
Do i want to die?.. i dont know or dont care to be honest but i worry about the loved ones i leave behind.
Does wanting or not caring about whether i live or die mean that i am depressed or suicidal?.. I dont know…???
Eish?..never looked at things that way before…

Risk of HIV transmission through vaginal sex 1 in 1000.


@uncle nyam after kumwaga ndani ya Poko.


People misunderstand probability. One in 150000 condom bursts will infect you according to your probability. But that one can happen at the first burst or at any point including the 150000th time. Thats how you should understand probability. Again, a condom burst does not include continuing to fuck nyama kwa nyama because if that was the case, we would all put on a condom all times and break it midway to enjoy the warmth of the pussy because ati the chance of infection is 0.000666%.

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Funny how @uncle nyam was saying to himself (“Muinamie umuthugue ndina ucoke umuguthe ruhe ahunyoke ta thwariga”) before the rubber burst…





Congrats in order…whats more; you are going to be a dad!


kama uko blood group type O uko safe bro

Hehe you guys are hilarious!
@kabuda ningekua wewe ninge dryfry mbaya sana huko England. What do you have to fear there? Hapa home it’s another story altogether. Unatembea kwa Street unakutana na watu ka watano wamejikunja wanakaa ka paka imestuka alafu unakumbuka your DF session Hehe noma

Herpes is a bitch even archaeologists will detect it on your ancient bones in future

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hahhahahhah…say what???