DPP NOORDIN HAJI orders the arrest of CS Henry Rotich, PS Kamau Thugge over the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal.

Treasury CS to be arrested and charged on the kimwarer and arror dam scandal.

Mpaka rotich afungwe hii yote ni kelele tu.


Thanks to the handshake! No more untouchables

It was only seven billion. It was secured by bank guarantee…

Hehe, Uhunye ameamua kupeana watu wake?

Ngoja utaskia meno ndefu hii wiki zikiita tribal war bound wakarushe mishale

He will just be released on bond and after 1 week Kenyans will have accepted and moved on. That is kenya for you…

Fimbo chapaaaaaaa. Wakanyaks ile mfereji ya liwe liwalo tumeamua kufunga.

We are changing the constitution we send him for life no bail.

I won’t expect much.

If you can change the constitution good for us… But it still these mpigs and looters who have villagers in their pockets who you need to change the constitution

The idea is to have money circulation…

JUST IN: CS Rotich instructed his Lawyers to get a court order in order to avoid his arrest.

Aende akachunishwe skuma ghaseeeeer yeye

CS Rotich going down is a direct attack to Ruto’s camp in government. The DP has openly defended the Arror and Kimwarer dam project and said it is impossible for money to get lost.
Richard Echesa went down
Rotich is facing a sack
Uhuru is no longer chairing cabinet meetings.
Soon, he will decide to dissolve the cabinet and appoint his own people without consulting Ruto like Kibaki did during the nusu mkate era. Ruto will have no option but to resign and become the de facto opposition leader.

The MP reasoning that they need bigger salaries because of contributions here and there is the umeffiest excuse we’ve ever had in this country

Gwathuka orimwe

CS Rotich, PS Thugge, Head of civil service Kinyua and Gov. Waiguru were all President Uhuru first pick in 2013. So I agree with you. They were his Treasury team during his tenure as Minister of Finance during grand coalition government.

It would also be fair to them if he releases the government to government agreement between Kenya and Italy that set conditions for this 2 dams project and KDF equipments acquisition.

Niliona DCI waliambiwa waende polepole budget isomwe…earlier arrests would have crippled government at a critical time.