DPP NOORDIN HAJI orders the arrest of CS Henry Rotich, PS Kamau Thugge over the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal.

Things fall apart…but we know the name behind Rotich… no wonder Ruto was so confused last night in the interview…
wacha utaskia kelele ya tanga tanga… it’s like they expected a hawker to be arrested and charged with loss of dam money

Wanafaa kumwendea na mariamu kama economic terrorist, pingu in the glare of media…hata kama atatoka on bail, ikuwe front page news kesho, na ile carton Kinoti hupea mtu ashike ya selfie



Up to now, DPP has been all bark and no bite.

Si ni judiciary inawachilia hizi ghaseeeeer kama Waititu


There is no justice if a case is heard over 4 to 7 years before it is concluded (and an appeal filed), no justice when investigators submit weak evidence, it wont change a thing prosecuting some fish whether they are sharks or omena if we do not focus on preventing fraud, it is way cheaper and easier stopping a thief from gaining access to your valuables than going after them and recovering your stuff.

So Uhunye huwezitufunga macho with a few arrests, your administration is still irredeemably corrupt

hehehe, yani ni kubaya mpaka umesema “It would also be fair…” :D:D

wajaribu hio ujinga tena watajua hawajui … they’ll be reminded wako sorrounded and they are in the middle of the country , hostile tribes around them…

it starts from somewhere. DPP juu. jamaa ana more balls than all previous ones and he has scared the bollocks out of the corrupt because there is major dirt and evidence. all these people u see being charged wameshikwa vizuri sana as there is a lot of evidence but the powers that be make the so called calls to DCI unit and kinoti even said it that they requested the cases be slowed because they are also going to be exposed. its a game of chess and sooner or later it will be everyone for himself because these file wont go away however much they stall or bribe for delay. it is inevitable and that is the when the reckoning will happen.

what is he to do now? Get the military to shoot his entire administration? Remember in giving him an office you made him swear to protect the constitution.

what do you do if the custodians are the thieves?

[SIZE=6]shida ni the corrupt courts [/SIZE], the DPP is doing okey !

The ‘arrests’ are political, and the ‘absolutions’ are political. Even that Judiciary is controlled by politics.

Nothing new. Tumeona meeeeengi. All turning to be the little PR games. Actually I don’t expect much from these.

Mzee hujasoma hapo nimesema we need to PREVENT FRAUD?

DPP ako sawa…Maraga should grow balls, serious balls si uoga kila wakati

Don’t you see that the DPP fails because he makes these announcements to get media and public attention, when he could quietly investigate and build unassailable cases? Now the targets are going for the usual defences, and shredders will be put to work 24/7.

But the DPP also knows they’ll walk on bail, and as with any high profile arrests in any jurisdiction, country …it’s done with flare and noise for mainly deterrence, embarrasment and gaining public goodwill…they’ve already done their investigations before hand

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich on Monday presented himself to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) hours after an order for his arrest was issued.
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji ordered for the arrest of the CS alongside 27 others over the loss of Ksh.19 billion in the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal.
The DPP, addressing the press, said his office received complaints touching on governance and operation challenges in the management of the two dam projects on September 18, 2019.