Doctors in the house.

For those who frequent the brothels let me ask u question, have you never chosen a hoe and when u got to the room and she gets into position, you notice many darkish spots around her puthy and surrounding areas. I have spotted this on two hoes. Ni STI gani hio?

Alafu who among you ninjas will take one for the team and domesticate this crow? She seems tough but needs an equally tough son of the soil. @spear nimekumulika sana.


Caro wa mutoko… No go zone

i have always found feminazi Carol Mutoko hot , siwesmind kumtomba

dark spots are normal in brown above 22 years momos

Alafu ule msee ame edit hizo picha job well done

Why domesticate? Si utombe tu nauingie mitini pale Ngong forest like my brother @Karoga ?

:DLabda kaben 10 hivi/kabroiler akanyongee hukoooo

He can make a toad look pretty.

Kwani unatomba bila condom?@

Hii post wall chieth imechafua maitho.

Msito Andrew kibe lazima akuwe amejaribu kukula hii mama

Niaje @gashwin

Caro is the only mukamba lady i’ve heard about mwenye hapendi stick


Ghaseer gani hio,mkamba hapendi sieks?

Ongeza Ndinda kwa hiyo list

Leta maua asubuhi

Especially due to shaving!

Mutoko is a no. If I have to it’s a hit and run. Cannot put up with her personality.