Doctors in the house.


Sometimes ni ingrown hair baada ya kunyoa fudhi…ikitoa usaha wewe kwisha

Many here know news from mainstream media. Powerful media personalities are very good at hiding their skeletons.

This is the truth. Even if I’m anonymous here… for the sake of defamation I wont mention names.

One powerful media personality excessively likes stick. I know from a friend of my friend who used to service her. The dude at some point gave up coz satisfying her was very hard and at some point it can only be possible when a man takes pills. The dude told her he cant continue and I wont be surprised if I’m told that she got a replacement almost immediately.

Most of these rich ladies who go for Ben10 have a threshold that a normal guy, however strong or good he is, cannot meet unless he uses pills. For some of the ladies, using toys even raise their threshold. Reason many of these Ben10 go for pills. Reason these ladies also target gym guys. So if you have a friend who at 30s is not plump but has heart problems, and maybe you used to see him with older women… maybe it can be the effects of those pills.

yea, you think you like to fuck untill you meet one of these ladies and realize you can barely keep up with her sexual demands, i have a secrete though eat well, acha ujinga ya mandazi na rice, exercise and sleep early everyday,

NB: Never ever accept money from her, because doing so messes with your testosterone levels; just treat her like another broke chick in the hood.

Izo spots nimeona pia kadhaa. Guess ni different sorts of sperms ikimwagikia.