Divorce expert advice needed

Hi fam,
Is there a legal expert on the marriage chapter

@Azor Ahai pitia apa kuna mteja

If you have a friend in the legal profession you should start there. He/she will guide you on how to petition for one.


Leta hekaya kwanza. Bibi alitombwa na Karis or did you come across her secret accounts or DNA imesema last born ni wa jambazi @johntez addi gaza msafi ?

Some transgressions like the ones above are forgivable.

Hii ni kenya, toka kwa nyumba na certificates never to be seen again.

Chukua bag weka nguo ndani na documents zako enda stage simamia western ukiwa uko @uwesmake atakupea connection

:D:D:D what if he wants to remarry ?

Hio itakua kesi ingne.

Baba Elle, thought you said the DNA results showed you are the dad. Ama ni kitu ingine?

Sasa, you lost. Umekua wapi?

Wewe ulitoroka juu ya kufinywa makende

Wewe wamum goldi unataka kuwa remarried?

Makende ya mbuzii

why should he do the same mistake twice unless he is a very foolish man. He can jsu cohabit to avoid those legal shit

Sija-lost. Niko area. Just got caught up na kufuruhisha mdaddy wakwetu na father’s day mambos.
Hope you managed a good one with your son…

Yea, It was the best

Not even if going to heaven depends on it.
Nyet ! Nein !

…certificate na koti

We are online strangers, drop this fam stupidity first of all, then address us as talkers