Deplatforming Trump and digital colonisation. This should be a wake up call.

Sasa hatutapumua juu mzungu wako ameshinda through wizi?

Thread zote utakuwa unashinda hivi? Defending twitter because it censored your enemy Trump.


Trying to make them legally liable for every posts done on their platform in exchange of $2000 stimulus. That irked them . So they are showing them whose the big dog . Mtatii:D:D

Now welcome to the world of @Purple and @patco. You thought that talkers will automatically fall in love with your AMERICAN candidate, didnt you???:D:D

You thought you will enjoy peace, love and happiness???

You thought that TEAM CHINA TEAM RUSSIA would automatically love you and Biden???

Sasa keti hapo uanze kuchapwa ignore pole pole as you defend your master.

We hope you do a good job.

Analyze the so called ‘red line’ and you will notice it’s just a convenient construct that’s very dynamic depending on where and who’s involved. In short, it can be pulled on anyone as long as power-be calls for it.

Chapa hio nugu ya U.S kabisa. Flag defender. Tuko nyuma ya mzito Putin.

Ikanyage kabisa.

In kikuyu, old men seated on a “Njung’wa” see further than younger men. You have not been sitting on your Njung’wa.

If you cant adhere someone elses’ rules, build your own system. Trump can build his own platform. He was warned severally. They dont owe him anything. He is no different than me being banned if I post porn on Twitter.

If they turned against Trump who has lied to you that they can’t as well turn against your side???

Remember that China advanced by limiting freedoms. Google, Twitter , etc are an expansion of freedoms that will clash with Chinese culture. They are highly profitable without China. And China has succeeded without them.

Fine. Let them go ahead. They are private companies. They can do whatever they like.

Time will tell.

Biden has made a lot of promises that he is already refusing to keep. He promised progressives on DEFUNDING police but he is already backtracking and some of them have started complaining openly.

AOC is watching his ass closely.

He promised to go through with the trillion dollar green energy deal. Hio akikataa atashangaa.

China expects him to give them android and to open the door to Huawei and other Chinese products… all these are promises he must keep or else… :D:D

Biden has not even assumed power and you have started judging? Remember congress controls everything. Bush Jr promised things he couldnt pass with his Republicans control. And it also doesnt matter because Biden is a one term President anyway.

The complaints are on the interwebs. And progressives are saying Biden is dodging them and giving them answers that don’t add up.

My post was in the context of national security not banning of individual accounts.

America and its tech giants wield immense digital power and exercised that power by essentially banning the most powerful man in the world from the Internet.

America through its tech giants has the ability to shut Africa from the interwebs and that should make us very uncomfortable just as they would if we had the same ability.

Trump ni mnoma msee. kuwa na heshima kwake

Colonial mindsets predisposes us to group political leadership with unchecked power. A leader’s opinion in Kenya amounts to the total word. Not so in the first world. Trump was repeatedly warned not to spur hate and violence, which he ignored. I don’t get the surprise he was banned.

They would have to have a reason to shut down Africa. First of all we are a conglomerate of nations in Africa with clashing ideologies. They can’t shut down Africa as a continent. And anyway they have commercial interests here. He is one man. Africa is billions of people.

Jesus, you still don’t get it

Trump was pushing for revocation of section 230.

unfortunately you are wrong. Google and Twitter and Facebook are not about advancement of any freedom.
Mark Zuckerberg paid billions of dollars, to bribe election officials who aided in rigging out Donald Trump.

Its not American people who voted out Donald Trump.