Deplatforming Trump and digital colonisation. This should be a wake up call.

The president of the USA cannot really be deplatformed in any meaningful way. He/she has a whole press office which can feed the media houses with whatever stories they want and the media will relay them worldwide. Not to mention the president can call for a press conference at any time, day or night and journalists will come rushing to cover it. TV, radio, news sites - this is a much bigger platform than social media.

It’s true that the tech giants are powerful but whatever power they have is from the users of those platforms. No one holds a gun to them and forces them to use twitter or google. The users are there willingly, all they have to do is stop using those services if they think there is something wrong with them.

Where’s the proof? Trump packed the Federal courts with his own judges. Hundreds of them. How come none is buying his stories. Not even one.

Revocation kitu gani and majority of revocationists are going to jail…

:D:D:D:D Wakule kwao

:D:D:D heshima

Do you not remember Cambridge Analytica and FB?

Nilikuwa ninafikiria entertainment in US politics imeisha kumbe ni kuanza inaanza. 2021 inakaa kuwa moto.:D:D:D

If they’re paying for everything including being the owner of the utilities then yes I wouldn’t complain.
Remember these platforms are free. They don’t owe anyone shit. They could do whatever they want.

The only time this becomes a concern is when they wield this power while at the same time claiming to be just a platform. This becomes an issue because they can’t be sued for the contents made by their users. They should either take responsibility for the actions of their users or leave the users alone with just a slight moderation that shows everyone that they are a platform who takes no responsibility.

You are dealing with people suffering from “Psychological Noise.” In their mind, if you say anything against twitter or Facebook or amazon in the context of banning trump/Parler, they can’t hear you. It doesn’t matter how many times you clarify what you are talking about. For them, Trump is bad, Biden is good.

Now you’ve turned this into a Trump thread.
Try to tweet Redpill related philosophy and see if you will not get banned off Facebook and Twitter.

Absolutely! And the precedence has been set with overwhelming approval by simpletons.

Kasia he was inciting insurrection and threatening the security of the US, while at the same time undermining democracy and the will of the people… That’s misuse of socia media platforms.

I was given a 3 day Facebook ban banae, sijui for violating guidelines na ni ukweli nilikua nasema.