Deplatforming Trump and digital colonisation. This should be a wake up call.


Seeing how quickly Trump - the world’s most powerful man - has been deplatformed and sent into digital darkness, you have to acknowledge the foresight of the Chinese when they blocked American digital giants and instead created their own alternatives.

Companies from social media giants to payments processors like Stripe and PayPal to platforms like Android, IOS, Amazon and shoppify have stopped providing services to trump his businesses and those that support him.

What would happen if the US government asked Google to block Google services in Kenya? it would be chaos on an unimaginable scale.

The recent actions of American tech giants should make everyone aware of the powers they hold in today’s digitised world. That the man with nuclear codes can be sent into digital oblivion should worry everyone. Now imagine what the US government can do to an entire country.

As Africans, we should copy the Chinese model and create entire ecosystems out of reach of the West. Our own app stores, our own Facebooks, twitters, YouTubes, reddits et all. Our own Internet and the web basically.

Unless we do that our prosperity, security and privacy will always be dependent on the whims of politicians sitting in Washington and coders in Silicon Valley.

Kenya is nothing to these tech giants. Trump threatened the core institution of democracy- one arm of government attacking the other (executive attacking legislature). This attack was is worse than coup.Hence backlash.

Xi Jinping aliona io risk kitambo na akafanya ipasavyo mapema.

In China if a company dares go against the ruling elite you get phonecalls in the middle of the night, such n such company are selling off their shares in our company at a loss, such and such company is no longer partnering with us going forward, your son has been arrested for doing drugs…

Mzee you did not get my point

Actually I did. Making it easy for you to understand.

I’m bringing to attention the immense powers American tech giants wield not whatever reprehensible thing Trump did or did not do

Trump only held a rally and asked his followers to go protest/picket OUTSIDE parliament. Such protests are allowed. If the crowd got out of hand later, you blame the police for failing in crowd control duties not Trump.

I get you but they never wield their power just like that…unless you cross a serious red line . Tell me on who and what occasion has these tech giants all decided to wield power on a 3rd world country or even to China ? None . The only time they have acted as one is against white orange faced orangutan and he crossed a serious red line. …and that’s my point …

not xi. xi came to power the other day.

If you ask for rain , be ready to walk in mud. Trump and that italian mafia Giuliani asked for rain… they got it and also mud. Let them swim in mud.


Still crying over the loss of mzito trump? Suffer in silence ass licker

Who decides what line has been crossed? Would you be comfortable if your neighbour had the ability to switch off your power and water supply even if there is no precedence of him doing that?

Long live ANKO TRUMP. You have very little reason to suck up to the media that blocked trump. The same applies to everyone including you. Many people will suffer when these companies are eventually controlled and reigned in. Internet will no longer be free.

At very basic level they should pay for a license to operate and pay taxes in any country the apps operate in

American tech/media giants have been blocked in China longer than Xi has been president.

When they removed Parlour is when I realized these ppl are dangerous.
Why remove a whole platform because of some few bad apples?

As if the CPC champions freedom of expression

In america its the far left that decides. That’s why on twitter you get immediately banned if you tweet things they do not like.

What atrocious things did Trump do to attract such large scale social deplatformisation aka dismemberment?