Dear employed friend (s)

Employed fellas work from Monday to Friday then get an off from Saturday to sunday. Basically trading 5 days of your life for a two days freedom.

If Justin beiber held a concert on Monday morning at nyayo stadium, he will get less audience compared to embarambamba if he will hold a concert on Saturday. And it’s because a huge chunk of the population are let loose by their masters during weekends.

8-5 jobs have literally turned employed fellas to robots. For those in Nairobi, by 5Am you are in Mombasa road trying to avoid jam, you come back at 9pm. You have poor or no bonding with your kids and family. Your mind is programmed to be a servitude of employment, you can’t envisage your life beyond employment.

Am embarking on a new journey, a journey where many have dreaded to take, I want to free off my self from the chains of employment servitude and solitude. I want to have my freedom. Freedom to wake up whatever time I want, freedom to bond with my family, freedom to take a rest any day(s) of the week, freedom to pay myself anytime of the month. So help me God.

[SIZE=5]Hopefully you have a backup plan. Would be stupid to quit your day job and start a loss making business.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Best of luck.[/SIZE]

All the best!

Vile @kipuke amedai

This type of freedom is only achievable if you become an INVESTOR. Ask any business owner or business man and they’ll tell you they work harder than employed fellas.

Let no one lie to you ati theres a stress free way if becoming rich. You have to put in the time and hard work. Investors have usually put in the time and effort in the past in order to play golf at 10am.

Work hard kijana. Unless you’re inheriting a fortune from your folks. But you’d still waste if you don’t work in the trenches.

All the best mujamaa, lakini ujue that myth about self-employed mofos having the freedom to do whatever they want is just that…a myth. You’ll put in more hours than your employees, and constantly worry about rent/salaries/bills, repaying loans, dealing with KRA etc. You’ll probably have to work your ass off for about 5 years just so your business can get to the point of allowing you to enjoy those freedoms that you desire. Lakini safari za watu huwa tofauti, sitaki kukuharibia mipango.

Just be careful of the landmines

All the best Jura hopefully it turns out great. Most guys are not cut out to be employers. In fact our own system discourages this. There is certainty in being employed but the truth is we have a very shitty system. Zero work life balance in this country and absolutely horrendous wages. You can actually have a good work life balance if the system is good, look at most nordic countries and places like Australia. Good working conditions, good pay and once work is done people are allowed so much time to engage in their hobbies/activities, places like those you dont need to be an employer to lead a good life or feel like you’re stuck in a rat race. Our banana republic unfortunately is a millenia away from achieving this.

All the best in your endeavours mate

Thank you for waking up and seeking through the bullshit surrounding employment. " I want a world of workers not thinks." Rockefeller once said these words many years ago during the industrial revolution. People are slaves on this Planet. Thank you for becoming a freedom seeker and a free thinker. You are now remaining to banish the mind prisoned religion fogof

All the best Elder @Jura . “Life is a road, with so many signs, but to take the right one you need God by your side” ~ De Antonio

Mzito umepotelea wapi?

I appreciate bro

Unataka employer akupe freedom, na wewe ni slave wa Owuor, Pombe, Baba, utapata freedom kweli?

I understand, but it’s a choice between going through the hurdles for a short while or going through the hurdles forever

Sani toa siasa hapa

Nakuanga huku mdau… Mostly Chini ya waba

This is totally far from the reality. Being a business owner you will be working 24/7 mark my words. The only thing i actually miss about employment is i could decide not to show up any day and the weekend chilling however i wanted. As a business owner the grind is literally 24/7.

:D:D:D:D… you is so gullible . Uku sio mchezo the reality will hit like a tone of bricks. But kwa hii maisha you have to try shit.

God bless you.
Good luck.
Have fun.

Well said.

Very true.

Very true.

Nani kama wewe.
Ive got a spring in my step now.

Wee lazima @ChifuMbitika amekuingia manyu finally…You were crying out to him a while back for help to get tenders.
Kudos to him for helping you go stand on yourself
@ChifuMbitika when is my turn?