Dealing with rejection

Wadau, there is this ngeo I have been nyemelearing for sometime now. Today, I decided liwe liwalo and I shot my shot. Promptly I was shot down like an American drone on the Iranian border. So experienced elders, what is my play here, if any? Do I pretend nothing happened and act like everything is okay or do I get the nearest Uber and head to Karura?


Option 2 as per your script. Then transfer your remaining energies to new target

You wont be allowed to Karura if you never tasted. Enda tu Lokichoggio

Move on there is plenty of fish in the sea. Disdain things you cannot have, ignoring them is the best revenge.

Refer to ktalk’s policy on oneitis.

Congratulations for admitting rejection…something 99.97% of Ktalk alpha males would never do.
Your next move is to move on swiftly. Niliwaambia smart people have multiple plates spinning. Ukiamua kukimbiza dame one by one you will waste a very long time getting what you want.
A man with options never worries about rejections because he has several irons in the fire at any time.

Huwa naona rejection is such a good thing. Imagine you won’t spent further time and resources pursuing her. Ni kama you’ve been released from jail. Enjoy rejection because ukitoka tu nje I guarantee you I’m 10 minutes you will see a more beautiful woman. You shot your shot she rejected you there’s nothing you can do. Enda cold turkey delete her number and don’t talk to her. Simple

If you were rejected no need to go to karura after all you haven’t deposited anything in that coomer,so move to the next professional advice would be try her friend using all resources and make sure she knows you have feasted on that friend of hers.thank me later

It doesn’t get any beta than this.

Niaje freyja?tupatane inbox tuogee hii maneno kwa udani

Just accept and move on mblo…

Ahahah staki ! But I can send you one of my friends contact akukule alaf akuje aninunulie whiskey( na pesa yako) and we sit and discuss whether you reached ktalk’s threshold.
Deal ? :slight_smile:

:Ddeal .don’t parade her number for fisis inbox prisss

:D:D:D:D tuma picha inbox Kwanza ndio nione if you meet ‘our’ standards. :wink:

:D:D:D the buyer is the one who is shown the cargo sweetheart

Of what, my rejection?!

Well , I have noticed she has been avoiding me ever since I propositioned her. I accept things will not always go as planned. I have decided to move on.

As the broker, I need to see the buyer so that I can offer him the cargo he can afford. :slight_smile:

That’s good…Delete the number. Walk away. As Amerix likes telling you fellas- ‘You are the Prize.’ You will meet someone else down the line who will reciprocate your feelings.