DCI detectives are hunting for former Sports CS Rashid Echesa over the fake currency that was nabbed in Ruiru.



That was fast, very fast
tugojee tuone kaa ni PR tu juu githeri courts watamuachilia na bail ya 50k

When it’s start raining it really rains

Haha. That Nigga, a class 8 drop out became wealthy but couldn’t explain the source of his wealth, now we know.

May the games begin.

My grand father advised me NEVER to venture into politics irregardless of how much money I will have made or intended to make. This was after guys at home started singing in praise of my name after numerous and generous donations in churches, schools, youth, self help and welfare associations back in my home county.

Now I know why…

If this is true, it’s like Kamwana and Kinoti had a talk and DCI said niwacheilie nishike watu wako.SHIKA SHIKA FRIDAYS ARE BACK!!!

Rashid Echesa anacheza na maisha.

Echesa huyu atakusaidia
Luther Vandross - Give Me The Reason

muthee wa nuguh gukua mitii yothe…

echesa Kuna mzito alicheza mbaya na hizo fake dollars na ngorodi

The judiciary palms will be greased properly this coming months

Everyone knows Echesa is into the wash wash biz. There is a young man from home jamaa alisomea the local day school, went to nairobi and met with Echesa’s network. Nowadays he patrols the county with a range rover. The day Echesa was appointed a CS tulijua washakafunga and true to it fake currency ilikua inachezea billions.

Didn’t know who Echesa was before he became CS.Tell us more about this network of his

Bwana chief wapi effidens .

Hehe, panda gari enda Mumias and ask around uta ambiwa.

He is the same guy behind the lost police guns in Mumias huko 2016.

Amesumbua sana hapo Kach county, kitambo alikuwa mtu wa Raila damu. He organized the anti- Rao demos in Mumias during the 2017 election campaigns.

Inakaa amekuwa akisumbua for a minute.But niliuliza swali.Kwani NIS didn’t do a background check on him before he got appointed?

Whoever appointed him a CS([SIZE=1]tunajua ni nani) [/SIZE][SIZE=5]must have benefited from Echesa’s loot in one way or another. the network runs high and wide.[/SIZE]