dawa ya kuacha bangi

nani ako na dawa ama lead ya kuacha kiombitho?

Ombitho huchukua 42 days kutoka kwa system . Good luck

hizi gani banae
uliza @hakimoto

dawa ya withdrawal ndo nataka

Bhangi si pombe ama unga. You don’t need medication to quit it. Unless you roll your bud with other drugs there will be no withdrawal symptoms. It’s just psychological dependence. The first few days are the hardest, but after that it’s easy to stay clean and you will actually enjoy having a clear head.

thanks man. i can do it. from experience?

Yes. Best of luck.

Dawa ya kuacha bangi ni kudelete number ya peddi, kukaa mbali na influence, kuwa busy, ukiweza enda home kwa mamako kule huezi vuta ovyo ovyo for like a month.

points taken

Datura ndio dawa.

Bangi haina withdrawal symptoms lakini tafuta usaidizi so that you can treat your psychological dependence. There is a reason ulikua unavuta bangi, that’s what you should focus on.

i know the plant. but how?

mimi nmedetox 1 month now. Nliamua kuacha bangi na sigara. Every day, I begin to feel an elevated sense of clarity. But haikua easy. Ilibidi nmeondokea kanairo kiasi and since I work remotely, it all seemed possible to quit.

bad advice. Datura is a poisonous flowering plant.

this is great news men. I want that new clarity pia. naanza. what did you do to overcome the urge, 2 to five days hivi

Akuna magic pill. Just distance yourself from the convenience of accessing weed. Kama umekua stoner you know how it goes–unadetox day one, day 2 arif anapitia kwako anakuchoma unashindwa kukataa. Kaa mbali na stoner buddies.

hata nachomaga peke yangu, sina buddies

Ngwai ni noma kuacha, but ukiamua na ukae far na bad influence utakuwa game. All the best kaka brasa

Kujia,niko na stoko

There’s no universal standard for how long weed stays in anyone’s system because it depends on too many variables, only the metabolites which ordinary drug and alc check cannot 'really detect" stay up to around 25 days also it depends on your metabolism and how fast your body dispels the THC which btw is fat soluble so mtu mnono is easy to be dectected with THC kwa system. Genetics pia,kuna wasee ombitho inawafyatukia mbaiya hadi kuchizi wengine wanavuta na later ako poa once amenyora. And yes,it will show in your hair

how can i get?