David Icke predicts Boris Johnson will not make it- Youtube pulls down the Video


looks like the audio has also been destroyed on this one



i don’t need Icke to me that Boris won’t survive. unless there is a secret vaccine reserved for the high and mighty if corona gets you to ICU you are done.

Former Libyan pm nyuriad by corona.
This thing apana tambua raggae

Damn, it wasn’t the Simpsons predicting the future this time?

Honestly after seeing Michael Jackson disguised as his own best friend and being interviewed on CNN about Michael Jackson’s death.and also seeing Prince disguising himself as his own sister and pay respect to Prince at an awards show.I wouldn’t believe Boris is in ICU,all am sure of is this is a psy op.(What I mean when am talking about MJ and Prince is,they aren’t dead,they disguised themselves and were out and about)

Naona ako ICU …hii kitu si mchezo


80% make it out of ICU.

Nonsense kwani Icke is God. Shindwe pepo ya kutakia wengine kifo.


Wewe hata sio C19 itakumaliza but kipindupindu na ukumbaff


More like 50/50 …but lung damage after that is irreversible


Mpubavu ni wewe,na C19 ni hekaya za abunuwasi,endelea kupumbazwa.

If you don’t know about ritual magick,don’t come and argue with me.Stay in your cocoon of ignorance.


Akiwekwa ventilator huyo ameenda

Hii 80 yako umetoa wapi? Link? Hii kitu inavary sana… In china only 3 out of 22 walimake it out alive after kuekwa kwa machine. Places mob ni less than 30 percent. Given he is a male of 55 yrs, odds ziko against him.