David Icke predicts Boris Johnson will not make it- Youtube pulls down the Video

I didn’t notice the Ghanaian guys behind him the first time I opened this thread hahaha

Uko na mafi kwa kichwa

If it is true that lung damage is irreversible then this is a terrible disease

Why pulled dow?

Sorry I don’t think he has a chance of returning to normal if he is in the ICU. His obesity coupled with what is observed to be difficulty breathing on a normal day work against him…and for them to take him to the ICU instead of treating him under secrecy tells me things are thick.

wacha kujisema,najua akili yako ni exhauster,vuta mavi kwa pit latrine bila kusumbua

psy op with what motives/agenda/goals?

I wish that was the truth. Deaths wouldn’t be past 66k

I think it was last month or Feb, BoJo made a comment. He said, “people should prepare to bid their loved ones goodbye.” Perhaps he felt that he was invincible and decided to throw all caution to the wind. Sasa ona?

What we haven’t confirmed is whether he’s in the icu out of abundance of caution or because he’s very ill. The threshold for placing a PM in a specialized unit, I would imagine, is lower than for an average citizen.

I want Bojo to survive so that he can continue with Brexit. I want Brexit to happen very much.

It is confirmed by Mr. Raab that Borris is on oxygen but not on ventilator

In my opinion,to increase fear,panic and uncertainty in the population.And if some UK citizens aren’t buying the official story and chose to go on with their lives as normal,other citizens who believe in the official story will try to disturb the guys who don’t believe in the official story.In short,you get the believing citizens to police the unbelieving citizens.Also,as majority of the citizens are preoccupied with the alleged pandemic,other major things are going on.Check out Event 201’s website or YouTube page for more.


You are full of conspiracy theories. Do you also believe that the earth is flat?