[SIZE=6]I used to think this big mouth Mananazi is a looker ,shock on me belles, I almost fell off my chair when I saw him. Ugly as hell! Was this one ever circumcised coz what man makes a living insulting women??? Piece of garbage! Dont know why the bother with him, someone must insult him for him to be relevant. This is manhood nowadays. Cant do man things anymore, so you go beat down women and spread malicious rumours to earn bread for your kids,if someone is stupid enough to have them for such an ogre.No wonder nothing but crap come out of him, its been awhile since I saw a guy who is so ugly. Am traumatised.I really thought he was a hunk. Well if you cant date women you can atleast get their attention by insulting them! WTF??? UGLY!!! Kwanza he looks like those pickpockets in nyamakima. Woi! Yuck!

No, I will not forgive your ignorance Nyakundi- Radio queen Adelle Onyango fires back[/SIZE]
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Adelle Onyango and Cyprian Nyakundi
[li]Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango has responded to Cyprian Nyakundi[/li][li]This is after Nyakundi posted a vile message against Onyango[/li][li]Onyango blasted Nyakundi for hiding behind ignorance to degrade women[/li][/ul]
Top radio presenter Adelle Onyango has sent out a strongly worded message to controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi over his distasteful rape comments.

Adelle took to Facebook where she spared no words against Nyakundi for instigating rape in a social media post after she spoke out against the rape culture in Kenya.

Onyango took issue with the blogger for hiding behind ignorance to buttress violence, rape and objectification of women.

Cyprian no, I will not pardon your ignorance, I will not forgive that YOU just like for the man who raped me this post is not about sex but is all about objectification, power and control.

“I will not forgive you for what your post did to me mentally and emotionally, for the hurt it caused my family; my husband, my sisters and my close friends all in the name of “pardon me for my ignorance.” I will not let you dim my light or my message,” wrote Onyango.

She blasted him for turning a powerful anti-rape message into a dark twisted show to satisfy his sexual preferences.

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“This is not about who will have sex with you or who you want to have sex with Cyprian, this is about the fact that in 2008 the Crime Scene Investigation Nairobi reported that there were 40,500 rape cases in Kenya,” added the presenter.

In a message to women who have undergone gender based violence, sexual abuse and discrimination, she told them to keep the faith alive.

“I dedicate this to anyone who has ever been hurt in the name of masculinity. Soon the day is coming where our femininity as women will be valued in itself and not in its relation to masculinity, it seems today is not that day but until then we keep up the work and keep doing dope things.”

The response by Onyango came about after Nyakundi attacked her personally after she gave a powerful talk against rape accompanied by former news anchor Janet Mbugua.

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I believe Adelle Onyango can do something about her teeth and she would look wonderful.

This Nyakundi guy is just a bitter immature boy

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It is also cool. But I am sure you agree.

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Na awache story ya filters mingi pia!

Lakini ata wewe @makena huwa unakach bure tu… Anyway, kwani how many teeth has that onyango, ama hio bado ni sexual harassment?

Ati he’s like who would want to have consensual sex with her? But after seeing how he looks nimemuelewa. He is just projecting coz the way he looks so sketchy, me infact I would be worried not of anything else but robbery. Such a guy women have been heparing him bcz he looks like a member of 40 thieves infact I could swear one of the thugs I saw on avideo robbing guys in a church hapo Mag buiding looks exactly like him. Gosh! Will not even be shocked to find him shot as part of a deadly gang. He really looks like a thief. Wah! Right now lemme not even waste any more comments on this mananasi ! But this is the result of unemployment in Kenya. Unasomesha mtoto mpaka uni, unauza shamba,ngombe then he either joins Gaza and or become a rumour monger ! Kenya Mungu atusaidie coz all these idle youths are not good for this country. You are jobless so you make a living insulting those with jobs? The future is bleak for Kenyan youths.Ukiona a man has been reduced to fighting with women to make a living. Things are very thick. Thisis an insult to any circumcised man.

lakini hapo enyewe…

What Nyakundi did was stupid but in all honesty it is true.I dont find Adelle sexually attractive

Call him what you want to but jamaa alisema tu ukweli.

Kuna time flani pale twitter nilisema trust is letting Adelle give you a BJ, ile block nilikula hadi simu ili vibrate.


Is he uglier than this?

Sasa hawa ndo kinanani??

Niko nyuma kidogo, Nyakundi alisema nini? Nipe context tafadhali.

By saying all that, does it make it right?
I do not see ugly!. Though, I somehow disagree with his comments.