Is this a woman or an ugly man? I think she is the one that rapped that man. There is noway a man with his right senses can fuck such leave alone rape her.

:D:D:D:D:D Hii ni kali

Adelle needs to stop talking about her case its getting boring from when she landed her job at KISS100 all she can talk about is RAPE RAPE RAPE,
(F.Y.I) I felt bad when i first heard about her story back in 2007 and am against rape in all measures,
Nyakundi on the other is just doing fine i mean lets face he is ugly as you have pointed out but thats not a factor you should be considering in your judgement, The guy is little brother of the carnibal guy from Naivasha who used to feed on private parts, what was his name again???

Kwani ako na knock teeth?

What this guy said is true its only feminist and some timid men who want to sound politically correct by castigating him jinga kapisa

It’s all about them donor funds that’s why she keeps repeating the story

Unatuambia ndio tufanyeeeee??? …

Hey Grandpa

Call a spade a spade…the bitch is ugly whether feminazi have differing opinions

The women that matter to him will perceive him differently. Question is, do Kenyan women have any justification whatsoever for referring to a man as ugly/handsome? Of course not! It doesn’t matter to them as long as the dude/sponsor is loaded, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. This is post is silly at best and is anchored on some utopia thinking that I cannot decipher.

are you by any chance related to nyakundi or miguna*2 ??

Adele is ugly AF. All Cyprian did is state the obvious publicly.

FACT Men can never be ugly. The measure for men is Money. If Nyakundi wins a Jackpot of say Kshs. 1billion. The Ktalk slay queen lingua Will change to hmmmm, I NEVER noticed that Cyprian has such a Nice smile.

Endeleeni kutukana CN na ni mzito wa hizi streets anachungulia thread polepole

no relations but i stated facts. Hio meno inaeza graze mjulubeng

since when did men have to worry about being ugly? If nyakundi has his life in order, am quite sure he can have a cute woman in his bed… I think Adele likes to run her fat mouth in issues that don’t even concern her

All Nyakundi needs is to floss and he will have any slay queen but whatever it is between him and Adelle is their personal business, wamalizie mbele bila kuhusisha umati.

Back off!! You can’t win against Nyakundi, ask C mutoko

hehe the two should marry and have kids

Kutazaliwa nugu… He stated a truth, Adelle is not sexually appealing, ok, she’s ugly… Hio part ya rape ndio nili-disagree na CN, hapo alikosea.