Cum fast

Saseni i have this guy we have been fucking with for some time now. Whenever we fuck, he always cums so first, and when we try to go for the 2nd round, the dick won’t stand(takes time to come up)

I end up being disgusted as I remain hornie and wanting more. How can I help him?

By sharing your digits

Mpee mkundu. Juu ni kama kuma yako imelegea sana.

If you have a big ass don’t give him doggy


Why? What’s the logic behind that.

:D:D:D…never disappoints


Tardmin jaza server na umefii:mad:



@Blacks4Trump unasumbua


Fast you mean?

Waititu can’t write just one correct English sentence to save his life.

Jua kuosha mkundu

[ATTACH=full]447147[/ATTACH] ass bouncing on the front of the thighs activates nerves in that region

And you are that guy. My guess is that you are over 40yrs of age, you are obese and you wank too much. For now you won’t get any help but you can ask your wife to be giving you a blowjob once a day after the first shot.

@uwesmake panulia @Demakuvu pole pole bila kusumbua gurupu