Cum fast

I undetstand ur frustatrasions. But there is always a way out. if he cums so fast there are some adjustments u need to make for it to work out for the two of you. invest in alot of fore play and avoid too frequent sex. in ur foreplay cunnilingus is a must. this may stimulate you to a point you reach orgasm n the nigga will be at liberty to cum. if you need more advice kindly inbox. hope this helps.


Sema tu ni wewe, kila mtu hii kijiji anajua wewe ni blue

Yaani unamaanisha uhunye ameingia kwa shithole !?


Handjob round 1, then penetration from shot 2…he should also learn how to hold the cum to avoid quick ejaculations…he can pause when he feels it starting to mount…meanwhile, he can be kissing your neck and gently biting your chick. Should this not work, you can come back for more

help yourself, si imeingia na aka nut ,nini ingne unataka

I want more, akiniacha hornie nifanye nini sasa?

forget about it,si ati utakufa coz of hornyness

Many have died before. Kwanza kama ni mkamba, hua anakuaka kinembe anadedi

Hehee wah.

Breathing exercises. He definitely likes you x10 hence performance anxiety. Naturally, a male would want to get his seed as fast as possible in a female he considers 10/10.


You may be a hard veined tree holder. OTOH, if it’s true you have a[SIZE=1][FONT=arial] cat, [/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][FONT=arial]then it may be that you are very tight, you don’t always have juices, jamaa anaingia kama bado uko dry kiasi, you don’t/he doesn’t stimulate you enough, he is a wanker, anaendesha nduthi sana. Either way or another, try to bj him uone kama he cums in a second. If he can’t hold, he has a problem with kushikilia tadpoles. If you can bj him for long na ashikilie, makosa si yake.[/FONT][/SIZE]

@Violete = @Blacks4Trump = catfishchieth

Weka yeye middle finger kwa mcoosh

Boss sasa hizi ni gani :smiley: :smiley:

I bet he is a Juvenile ( …why don’t you get a REAL Man…??? ) but I guess you also care about him …

You are probably the best thing he has had since sliced bread and can’t help firing when he sees your booty …

Try the following :-

1/ make love not sex …
Take it slow , don’t let him jump your bones as soon as he sees you.
Maximum foreplay until he is totally relaxed ( …I suspect he suffers from performance anxiety…).

2/ Give it to him an Inch at a time …
No 100 meter Olympic Dashes allowed.
( … preferably You on top so that You can control the pace of things …)

A Quick Demonstration:

If all else fails , come see @Dr: Rexx Simba for quick relief … :D:D

Dont be stingy. Lets help a brother in need. Share number zako

Have him be taking the first shot with CD, alafu akimwaga atoe hio CD na arudishe mboro ndani immediately dry fry…the new environment should maintain his erection for a while. Might not work kama wewe ni mtaro though