Covidiots Alert!: 7000+ quarantined! Things are not getting any better!


The only thing I fear about this thing is the collapse of the economy. I’ll watch me The Walking Dead series to learn some survival skills

wtf…hio thread joh

KJ hakuangi clout chaser…Probably he knows something the government is trying to hide from us…Corona will bring Africa to its knees in the next 4 weeks.

The most age group affected with this virus is mostly young people 18-59… Wanakufa kukufa.
Utaona maiti kwa barabara hadi ikuwe a normal thing ukiamka. Ukikosa kuona next day unashindwa Kuna enda aje! Part of your daily life.
Ole wao wasietaka curfew or mandotary quarantine [ATTACH=full]294359[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]294362[/ATTACH]

Umewatch movie mingi

59 is young?

4 weeks is too near. Maybe 7 weeks. After massive testing.
Remember it’s not time per say but testing which reveals the true state.

Math ilikupita ukilala kwa matrons bed. Angalia graph and percentage

yap 7 weeks. hapo. Walisema 2 weeks na hatujaonna kitu bado. Wacha nihepee ocha

People who believe in witchcraft are here. They know the future

Wengine walisema Africans wako immune, pia mwenye alipata immunization ya BCG ako sawa. Now the reality is sinking in.
Wewe, usiende ocha, unaweza sambazia wazee virusi.

siwezi kaa hapa kukufa kama kuku pale Kasarani stadium

Hawa maumbwa wa diaspora ni nini wanakimbia huku na utapatawengine noses held high walikua wakisema i will never come back to kenya again with a missisippi accent… Kaeni na ugonjwa huko khasia!

This is the exact thought process of those 7k+ fellas returning home, if that story turns out to be true.

Let us engage our brains kidogo. Look at it from a logistics perspective. Can 7,000 people fit in Lenana School and Kinyanjui Institute and some other place under quarantine na hio maneno ikose kuja hapa kwa kijiji for discussion? Who are they, where do they come from, who are their friends and relatives? Wanafanya job wapi? Tunabebewa akili kwa hii maneno ya corona.

Tiyari mko na ukimwi kwanzia nyanyako. Corona will just be doing us a great favour

I said it here Nikambiwa ni fake news ninazo. Alright

80% of people with covid 19 will experience mild symptoms nowonder people are encouraged to stay at home bec it will just go away bila treatment,on the contrary those who should be worried are people with pre existing conditions like diabetes,asthma,cancer etc these group should be encouraged kwenda ocha ASAP for their own well being

I concur with you… Some of us we would have known kitambo