Covidiots Alert!: 7000+ quarantined! Things are not getting any better!

An average plane carries around 250, so those are approximately 28 flights coming to Kenya. Spread it over four days unaona ni average ya 7 daily flights, which is possible.
The 7000 are not in the two facilities only but also in the designated hotels, KU, KCG, etc.

Is it the testing that will reveal the true state or the symptoms?

I believe after the incubation period (2 weeks), we should start seeing a huge number of people going to hospitals with the covid19 symptoms, even before the testing.

Hujanielewa. Take a typical occurrence in Kenya like MTU kufa kwa accident, kupotea ama kushikwa akikula bibi ya MTU. In less than 30 minutes, lazima kuna ninja atajitokeza online kusema anamjua in some way. Now, how is it that 7000 people could be in quarantine na hakuna MTU hata relative anasema MTU wake ako quarantine?

I hope KJ is wrong but I doubt it, he’s not the type to reveal this kind of information without a very good reason. Seems he’s powerless to change the situation and feels all he can do is put the word out so that people will at least know. But we won’t listen and just like every other affected country we will pay the price for our casual attitude.

Nigeria is already building quarantine facilities in stadiums, South Africa has imposed a military lockdown for 21 days, Rwanda is distributing food to citizens, Uganda has banned travel. Kenya and Tanzania are waiting for the horse to bolt before locking the barn door. Anyway that’s what we get for electing crooks, drunks and functionally illiterate thugs to rule over us.

one more question, why have we not heard this story from any other source - even as a rumour?

We did not have that number-7,000. However, it was clear that anybody from abroad is supposed to go for 14 days mandatory quarantine by the government.
The first day the media reported the travellers being taken around various places and this was the only indication.
Then there was the recent report of a south African commiting suicide while in government quarantine.
It is only the number that we did not have, otherwise, the whole country knows people who jetted in after sunday were held for 14 days .

Glimpse of the situation at Lenana


Wewe ni mjinga au nini?? Akili huna??

If things are yo get much worse, and am hoping it doesn’t happen, we will start to experience severe cases and deaths around the 5th week from when the 1st case was announced, in line with data from the likes of spain and italy. So lets wait till towards the 2last weeks of april to see whether there’ll be anything serious

He is spreading useless propaganda. wapi picha za watu elfu saba? why haven’t families reported people missing?

Your reply would only make sense if brought together with evidence from other quarantine centres. Explain to us from a logistics perspective. For perspective, look at the logistics that go into hosting a crowd of 500 people then extrapolate for 7000. It would be chaos by now seeing how.mediocre govt officers usually are. No?

This video has been online since the first day that they repoted at Lenana

Mimi si Mjinga
Mimi ni nini
Na hiyo nini ni nini ?

I think It is posible given the government prohibited reporting on such, but the stories have been in the media about the challenges that were there when the process was starting.

plus it’s not a secret detention those in quarantine talk to their families on phone so the families know where they are, it’s not like they are being held in secret.

Actually considering that was in nakuru it shows there are centers outside nairobi, and if the suicide never happened we most likely would not have known there was a center in nakuru.

Are you saying that a govt that cannot buy maize in Uasin Gishu to feed starving people in Turkana suddenly has the competence and foresight to quarantine 7000 people?

Just bulshit propaganda from an idiot of an mp.

People jetting in where given the choice of self qua and they ignored it spreading the virus, wacha wakae huko after test wasaidiwe

was looking at the realms of possibility I think its possible that 7k people jave jetted into the county over that period, and since we trust our beloved government we assume they quarantined all those people, either way from the few centers that the government has listed they seem to be asking those quarantined to pay for their own upkeep, so its possible - either way I dont think it would have hurt for the cs to give a break down in this case, tell people how many people were cleared at migration over that period and provide an updated list of the centers to prove that the mp was talking nonsense.

Sons and daughters of the rich walked out of Jkia to their homes.All should just pray for doctors and nurses as the coming days will be tough…

Lenana school imeparara.And to think it was once my dream to go there.