Could it be huyu kijana alimaliza wazazi na siblings?

For a young man to stab and slit throats of his parents and siblings, it’s beyond my understanding.
It’s really a cursed generashen.
Mungu saadia.

Juu ya shamba

And like clockwork, had to be mungich territory. These people!

I have been following this story closely and just cannot wrap my mind around it.
It’s sickening.

People kill each aza everywhere over shamba so no need to stereotype.
Neverzeless there have been murmures of how some wives in Kiambu add steel wool to wazae’s food so as to slowly kill Zem and inherit the prime property…

Don’t blame the young man. Kuna mp wa mukurweini mamake alichinjwa ivo pia, sababu mp ako na pesa hataki ndugu yake afanye kazi Nairobi.

Yes… Kiambu

From the experience I’ve gained watching forensic documentaries, every time someone is stabbed multiple times, it’s by someone who was close to them and had serious beef.

Plausible. Though I don’t think he acted alone. His job was probably to finish them off by slitting throats.
Shiat man… He even killed his roommate the Mason.

But In Central Kenya mostly its not beef but property yaani kijana wako mwenye umelea anakuua ndo achukue shamba yako yenye umekuwa nayo tangu uwe kijana. Its so bad. Hata courage ya kuchinja mtu kama kuku sijui wanatoa wapi bana.

Shida ni wakenya wanapenda sana mali kuliko uhai

Unaanzisha post na unaonyesha hauamini kama inawezekana kisha unasapoti kwamba inawezekana.

Ni nini hii?

Aah, yes. These mungikis even use hoes to kill their own fathers over a meal of ugali

raise jayden, give him all he wants, alafu ambie yeye you are on your own… niggas are raising dependants not independents. family shit niliachia familia, you build your own

A cult must be connected to this story. Do you remember a certain lawyer who killed his whole family?

true hiyo sio a one mans job, kile nashanga how comes no one heard screams? no neighbor heard anything?

Yes, it is very possible. This kunguru finished wazazi pia.

Pal Magu. He then killed himself later.

Love that channel. It’s always fascinating to watch the murderers get lulled into trusting the detectives. Some things really are like the movies.

What if he was the target and got away just in time?

The police noted there were 5 assailants which means someone paid good money for each life, perhaps it was payback for something hence striking when the man was home from the States