Cool Pick-up Trucks

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Most Pick-ups meant for the US have imposing front ends, very huge and flat fronts. Even Toyota Tundra, the blue one above, looks nothing like the Hilux in our African market.

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That mazda doesnt look too bad

I used to see lots of Mazda pick-ups in the 90s, then Hiluxes and Isuzu Toughers zikawa nyingi zaidi.


That Ford pick up I have seen it on Kenyan roads and it looks awesome.

Nairobi sana sana, mwangi spike if am not wrong.

F150 Raptor mambo yote.



Hata sisi tunafanya hii biashara


These Ugandans are crazy. Kisiis with their Probox are their only rivals.

They look cool. How come it is hard to find those American fords pick up in Kenyan roads? Prohibitive duty or what??

Most American models remain in the US and Canada. I think getting one here is a huge hassle.

Always my cool pickup[ATTACH=full]9745[/ATTACH]


Hio Ford iko chonjo

Recall Mazda Miujiza?

For starters, they drive on the wrong side of the road.:slight_smile:

I concur. Loved it in that episode of Top Gear USA.

1 Like this is the F250 concept. ‘Pimping’ pick-ups inaleta compe in that area.

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Not quite. Does it resemble the L200?

Sorry, Mazda Miujiza. Edited appropriately. Was popular even with gov’t dep’ts in the early to mid 90s.