Cool Pick-up Trucks

I was very young then, having joined humanity in late 80s, karibu 90s zianze. Nilikuwa nashikanisha tu Peugeot 504 matatus and Eldoret Express buses. Hehe.

Kwa hivyo hukupata Toyota Stout? Anyway, I believe there are a few pics of Miujiza in olx. Check them out. It looked slightly larger than the Datsun 1200 pickup.

That Stout am sure niliiona. I’ve read that it was discontinued in 1989, when I was few years old. I’m sure in Kenya they survived into the 90s.

Roughly how much did that Kenyan dude splash for that Ford Raptor?

They aren’t as expensive as you’d think. 3m for a new one. And his is I think a 2011 model.

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Who will buy a five litre engine pickup in kenya

The 2015 F150 is going like hot cake in US. Jeremy Clarkson said that two pickups are sold each minute

Its a sign of achievement for Mexican drug dealers to own a pimped pickup truck