cold feet

Greetings villagers,

For sometimes now I have been having a very peculiar condition and I wanted to know if anyone else has been through this.

Now during the night my palms and soles of my feet will be freezing cold yet the rest of my body will be just warm.

Also during the day my hands usually take time to warm up if I come into contact with cold water.

What could be the reason for this?

You are changing into



Are your eyes turning bluish too? Could be white walker syndrome


Hahahahaha really?


Then am done

Docs in the house saidia hapa. @ziegler you will pay consultation fees.

I also have that condition even though slightly different.
I only feel cold in three parts of the body.
The ears,the feet and the hands.
I was thinking I am kind of a superman kumbe it is an ailment.

Kulipa lazima

What ailment?

This is not stress triggered.Also coincidentally my young son also has the same kind of “ailment”

Anything abnormal to me is an affliction.
Though I had that condition the whole of mylife.
Have you lost the ability to love people?

Not yet.I still love my family.

I got the same from my mother.
Maybe it is a genetic defect.
I think it is beneficial.
I don’t get colds or any other sickness.
I also don’t have hang covers.
I sleep less than three hours every 24.
I had to take the holy herb to coax sleep to fall in bed with me

I mean beside the immediate members.
Hope your sympathy is still intact?

I also don’t get hang overs and can drive at night comfortably and not affected by sleep though when I sleep I do so comfortably without being coaxed.

Am still very sympathetic esp to kids and the elderly.
Also I can’t stand accident scenes

We can never know if any of those are caused by our cold feet.
I love attributing my negative traits to the condition

[Qcan’t Stan s=“ziegler, post: 115820, member: 192”]Am still very sympathetic esp to kids and the elderly.
Also I can’t stand accident scenes[/
That is where we part ways.
I am exactly opposite

I hope to get an answer to that.