Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings flight

Shida sio mchezo

Waa. That is the ugliness of the capitalist machine at its worst!

Dont they have cameras in planes?

I’m not sure what assistance the cameras would’ve provided in this situation. Besides few things survive airplane crashes save for the black box

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Stardards enforced after 911 kept the second pilot out. This guy is stupid. All he should have done is to find an empty airplane at the airport especially after discharging all passengers and crew. get on a runway and take off suddenly and leave everyone screaming at the airport. Never mind whether the doors are closed or not he wouldnt fly too high or he could close them as he climbs. Then nose dive in whatever style he wants before a fighter jet is scrambled to shoot him down. But maybe he hated society and wanted to give the middle finger to all humanity.

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Hata sitamani ndege tena. Wacha nibaki humu duniani. At least if someone decided to take his life alongside mine I have a fighting chance

Hmmmmh, interesting. Never knew we had so many aviation experts.

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Sometimes one doesn’t have an option. Personally every 2 weeks am in a plane travelling to see my family. To beat anxiety I make sure am never sober when landing.

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In theh US, the law is that there must always be two people in the cockpit at any given time. This law/regulation does not exist in the EU

I was wondering the same thing,if he were Muslim we would never hear the end of it,radicalization this radicalization that.

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how is it enforced? say a Jet from Rome to Atlanta?

Sasa how would you go to britain within 10 hours. Trek?

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I think he meant to say US airlines and not every airline flying into US airspace

Exactly, thank you!

Actually olden planes did not have such strong locks and as much as it was against the law, people other than the pilots would enter the cockpit as it wasn’t a strict law. But due to the era of terror attacks and the fact that one plane crashed coz a pilot let her kid girl control the plane, the doors are now super secured.

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Or maybe he just wanted to “simplify” his work. Taking an already scheduled flight would be easier to leave with than using an uncleared plane.

Hahaha. Internet for you. But you just go with the flow; you give out the piece of info you have learnt about from this industry, iwe hekaya ama ukweli hehe. But then, even if you have never been in a plane, there is something at least you have heard of it and that piece of info can maybe help someone else.

Hehehe. Your fam thinks you’re and alcoholic.

Sasa dereva wa matatu akidecide arukishe gari pale Viewpoint, fighting chance iko wapi hapo?

I assume from the airline home country.