Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings flight

Not to worry. European civil aviation authorities have already instituted the same measures.

Hahaha. They accepted the reasons after experiencing turbulence while mimi nilikuwa comfortable nikiwatch movies

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they are also considering preventive measures…[ATTACH=full]2711[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2712[/ATTACH]

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This corroborates one of the MH370 conspiracy theories which claimed the Americans controlled the plane from the ground

Btw, the co-pilot was confirmed a non - Muslim right? Coz that just explains why the media is just talking about a man with a “troubled past” and not a man who had a “terrorism class”. Yaani just coz he ain’t Muslim, the type of act he did is is no more a terror attack.

The fact remains that there are people cutting other peoples heads off in the name of allah. Not suicidal, not any mental problem, but in the name of one allah by their own admission so that you dont speculate. They actually shout allahu akbar before killing someone.

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That’s how wazungus are. Remember when you go to their countries you are an immigrant but when they come to ours they are expats