Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings flight

How disturbed does one have to be to kill themselves and 100s others? including kids?

A public prosecutor in France has said the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings flight deliberately initiated the plane’s descent. He was alone in the cockpit and ignored the pilot trying to get back in.

At a press conference on Thursday, Marseille’s public prosecutor Brice Robin said investigators analyzing the audio recorded in the cockpit of the Germanwings plane that crashed on Tuesday have come to the conclusion that the co-pilot of the plane intentionally initiated a descent from a normal cruising altitude that eventually led to the crash of the plane.

Robin described the events that investigators had pieced together from the audio recording as follows:

After taking off, the pilots conversed in a normal manner for the first 20 minutes of the flight. Upon reaching a normal cruising altitude, the pilot asked the co-pilot to take over the controls before getting up and leaving the cockpit.

At this point, the co-pilot deliberately initiated a descent of the airplane.

Shortly after, the pilot repeatedly attempted to communicate via the plane’s telephone system that he’d like to be let back in. The co-pilot did not respond. The pilot then tried knocking on the door, but there was no reaction from the cockpit.

Robin said the co-pilot did not utter a single word during the eight-minute descent before the crash, but could be heard breathing normally.

Flight controllers in Marseille attempted to contact the plane because of the unscheduled descent, but the co-pilot did not react.

Eventually, as the plane neared the ground, the automatic ground proximity alarm sounded, but there was no reaction by the co-pilot. The pilot’s efforts to break through the door were audible. Immediately before impact, screams could be heard from the passengers in the back, but prosecutor Robin said there was no indication they knew what was happening until immediately before impact.

Can you imagine the panic of those 8 minutes when passengers realised that the pilot was locked out?
Flying was starting to be the safest mode of transportation but the last few years have had horrible tragedies.

kama huyo jamaa co-pilot ni muslim…muslims germany hawana bahati

Just read this, huyo co-pilot alikuwa na shida zake, he was suicidal.Question is how do you prevent such suicidal tendencies, hata ukilipa mtu pesa mzuri its no guarantee that they wont feel suicidal.

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sometimes suicidal thoughts are beyond finances, sometimes personal issues are far difficult to deal with

Yep. pesa sio kila kitu. but the guy was caucasian so muslims wako safe

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I have seen 2 episodes of Air crash investigation where one pilot locks out the other from the cock pit and crashes the plane.

Episode One- The Malaysian Airline that disappeared for good.

Episode two- a Singapore airline where the captain had lost so much in the stock market and knew he would be auctioned on landing. Dude locked himself up and nosedived the plane.
It seems the most common causes of air disaster is now pilot errors due to omission or commission

yaani watu wengine wako na utiaji sana, siujiue peke yako…meza dawa ya mende,

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Malaysia na Singapore kuna so many crashes of late…

exactly. or any of the so called 5 999 999 other ways to die

Sii watoe hizo milango shida iishe …


It so sad when someone decides to include others into their problems and further into the solutions to those problems.

After September 11, entry to the cockpit has become very restricted. Even cabin crew have to request permission to enter.


there should now be a law tha requires both pilot and co-pilot to remain in the cockpit for the entiew flight duration

yep. seems we have loose nuts everywhere

For short flights thats possible but for long haul flights these people have to go to the washrooms. So technically it aint possible.

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wajengewe yao hapo kwa cockpit basi. can’t trust anyone now:)

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in the 90s mlango ya cockpit in most african airlines ilikuwa open…ulikuwa unaona vile pilots wanaona nje

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Wanasema ati other airlines have a third designated crew member who ensures that there is two people in the cock pit at all times specifically to open the door and incase the one pilot left in charge is incapacitated lakini not Lufthansa!
Hii ni bahati mbaya tu and there is the theory that new pilots with this airline are crippled with debt from the airlines training school by the time they get the job and we all know that not alot of people can handle financial stress very well. I have been through financial stress to the point of kuchotwa by court order but i would have never included 150 innocent souls in my itenerary ata kama ni kujiua. Then again,this guy could have wanted to awaken the world to the brutal competitive industry that the budget airlines business has become that he chose to tarnish the reputation of German Engineering (Nobody has ever before died working or being a passenger of Lufthansa) but they will never say that again! There is all these talk of pilots and staff getting ridiculous contracts on a take it or leave it basis because the airlines have to compete with other cheaper ones to survive. Who knows? he might have had an axe to grind with his employers but thats just my opinion.

After september 11 milango were not just locked,they are even grenade and bullet proof and the pilot inside has the keycode to override even the returning co-pilot and keep him locked out which is what this fucker did.

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