clearing the bullshittt

This is the mantra @Azor Ahai keeps repeating, with all the puffed-up bravura of a thirteen-year old girl – immature, but certain that her views are gospel truth:

This is complete and utter bullshit. Young girls are attracted to older guys. Period.

Why? Because evolution.

A guy her own age illustrates his ability to survive to her age, but an older guy proves his ability to survive well into adulthood. And longer – much longer – than that.

The normal girl subconciously wants to ally her genes with genes for longevity. As a man, you might consider older men ugly, but girls don’t. Men and women are different. Don’t fall into the solipsism trap. Like I’ve always said, women just cannot fathom why a man like Leornardo Dicaprio would pick a 19-year-old chic over a 40-year-old accomplished woman.

The reason is simple: the things that men find attractive in women are not the same things women find attractive in men. Different metrics.

Women are attracted to accomplished older guys. Men are attracted to hot 19-year-olds with bubbly childish personality.

brownskin @Azor Ahai thinks that just because he finds 30-year-old women repulsive, young ladies must also find 30-year-old men repulsive.

Women want beautiful children. But they also want physical and financial security. If you think they are attracted to you because of your wrinkled face you must be living in utopia. They are attracted to the weight of your pocket and the weight of the engine in your car.

For the weight in the boxers they will find it elsewhere. Case in point kuna mtu hupost hapa series ya “Bibi ya Mtu”. Asha fika #84 or something.

ghaseer, when I said “accomplished older men” I meant wealthy established men. Do you have a reading disability?

Mbona bachelors huchukia kuambiwa ukweli :D:D

They go on endless rants trying to prove me wrong but ground inasema ukweli.

I reiterate, kama hujaoa na uko above 30, your odds of marrying a single mother are extremely high - unless you have above average income.

Wanawake pia hukuwa chosy so usifikirie ukiwa senior bachelor in your bedshitter utaoa a childless woman in her prime :D:D

There will always be a few guys who can pull it off (the exceptions that you bonobos like quoting), but most men can’t.

Most senior bachelors are allergic to uncomfortable truths.

Najua mtakuja hapa kupeana examples na wasee wa boda walioa vienyeji yet those guys all marry when they are young (early 20s).

If you are young, uko sawa. If you are above 30, you better be driving as the absolute bare minimum. Below that utapata mabaki kwa dating market a.k.a baggage-ridden single mothers.

Najua nyinyi huenda club and fuak young thots but the data always proves otherwise. Those are the thots you don’t want to marry anyway.

Sasa tupeni mawe juu nimewaambia ukweli. You can’t be a senior bachelor and a peasant dreaming of marrying quality women. You are automatically relegated to club kunguruz or retired old hoes a.k.a single mothers.

Najua inauma, lakini itabidi mzoee. Luckily for you, you can still get money at any age.

As a man, you can get a wide selection of pre-wall soft meat at any age but there is a prerequisite…you must be a man of means. Usifikirie you will get the best options with your 50k salo at age 30+ especially in Nairobi. Without your wallet, that 23 year old girl will choose 25 year old you over your current self any day because that’s who she has genuine desire for.

You are 30+ na umesota…tell me why that 22 year old girl you want will choose you over a 24 year old guy?? :D:D

Because the 40+ guy (who is also in a good shape) has genes for longevity. And the fact that he has a couple baby mamas also proves his virility.

I’m barely 25. Meffi

Kama hujamea fudhi bado na unasumbuka kupata wasichana rika yako you clearly didn’t win the genetic lottery :D:D

But this (my being ugly) doesn’t invalidate the premise of my thesis in any way.

With two master’s degrees I guess not. But why should I argue with a boy whose mum I could easily have nutted in?

I know you skinny stupid guy. Don’t make me doxx you.

Ugly bitchass nigga

what gives you the idea that ninasumbuka kupata wasichana? The fact that I drop plenty of redpill nuggets here indicates just the opposite

Kijana let me give you some advice. As you grow older, the more resources you have to commit to get the same type of woman.

Let’s describe the type as a hot 22 year old uni student without kids and from a middle class family who is not a club hoe.

At 22, all she needs from you is TIME. Utawaste masaa yako sending goodmorning texts and answering “uko?” questions akuje hostel.

At 25, she expects you to have a bedsitter as the bare minimum.

At 35 she expects you to have a nicely furnished house and a new-ish car.

At 45 she expects you to drive a German car and live in Kile.

At 55 you better be somebody in this country.

Its the same girl, but she has different requirements for you as you grow older. You won’t get that 22 year old at 45 if you live in a bedshitter - she has a better choice (the 25 year-old guy).

Dating is a market like any other and women are not dumb. So, if you think that you will pull hot 22-year olds at 45 without money, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

msimamo yangu ni vijana waoe mapema, wazae mapema. kijana akimaliza college afaa kuwa na mtoto mmoja, akipata kazi aongeze wa pili then maisha ya kulea ianze for the next 20 years. Ukiwa 45 ukuwe ukuwe umemaliza kusomesha.

Hehehe. :D:D

You open your mouth to expose your kihii fantasies. Go ahead.

Women are not important. Sasa sijui hata mnagombana nini.
It’s always the ones with little knowledge that keep talking and talking.
Silence is golden especially when the only knowledge base you have is the internet and plagiarism.
Travel different countries, meet different cultures, see different women with different values well then at least the 2 pea sized brains of yours will stop stressing on one closed subject.
Wewe huwa Jamaa fala sana

madau hapa namtokholo village in Bungoma hakuna Kile. Na bado natomba soft meat bila kusumbua. vinyeji fresh hawajui german car chief. Bora akae co-drivers seat ako sawa.
Hizi stress wachia Kangemi

I dont care about your opinion.

The principle applies regardless of your location. You will never get prime pussy at 45 at same terms as a 25 year old man in the same county. So nawaambia senior bachelors self-improvement ni lazima (money & fitness) juu you are competing for the same pussy with your younger self. Sijui what’s so hard to grasp hapo. That 22 year old prewall soft meat will choose 25 year old you over 45 year old you if you don’t have money because looks and youth deteriorate with time. At 45, your value proposition to her is a lifestyle that the 25 year old man doesn’t have.

I’ve been saying this to my peers for the longest time ever…problem is when you tell someone an uncomfortable truth you are often met with backlash. I’m 26, in the process of starting a company, it has its own stresses, I’m hitting the gym Monday to Friday. All this because I have a pretty good idea of what’s waiting once I hit 30+. MONEY plus FITNESS is a must if you want to compete with that boy in the hostel anasomea Gender Studies ama Hotel management and therefore has nothing but time in his hands.

Lakini kama dem ako 30 and childless, huyo amegonga ukuta kweli. I do not understand this obsession with only under 22 girls that villagers have. Yes I have fucked a few 20 to 22 year olds but I have a FWB rship with a 32 year old na slices zake are just as sweet. Kwanza hawa 22 years ni very clingy with an insatiable appetite for attention. I think it all boils down to character ya mwanamke provided the age is not extreme like 40 plus.

So you’re doing it all for WOMEN? You’re not lifting to improve your fitness and your health; you’re doing it to compete with the boy in the hostels?

Wewe ni mtu mjinga sana.