City Park murder: Man denies making love to his aunt

The nephew of a business woman shot dead at City Park last year has said he was neither naked nor did he make love to his aunt the day she was killed.

Two officers are accused of fatally shooting Janet Waiyaki.

Bernard Chege, her nephew, appeared at a Milimani court on Friday following a case in which two police officers are accused of attempting to unlawfully ca

Police officers William Chirchir and Godfrey Kirui are charged with attempting to murder Chege while armed with AK-47 rifles by shooting his right arm and shoulder on May 20.

In his testimony, Chege revealed that his relationship with his aunt was purely an aunt-nephew relationship and that he was fully dressed during the incident.

This is despite earlier allegations that his late Aunt Janet Waiyaki’s underwear and other inner clothing’s were found in the car.

His mother, Faith Wangeci, also appearing in the court, added that her son was dressed in a trouser and a belt the moment she set her eyes on himafter the incident.

On being questioned whether the reason his son refused to open the car window or door was probably because something illicit was happening in the car, she could not conclude so.

In a separate but related case in a higher court, Chege revealed that he heard loud bangs on both sides of the Toyota Fielder when he was just about to doze off. He woke up and saw a gun.

“I got scared and switched on the car’s engine and began to drive off. But even before I could escape, the area was sprayed with bullets,” he said.

Asked why he was escaping, he said, “that was just my first reaction.” “Are you sure you did not drive off because you were guilty of committing incest?” “That is not true,” he said.

“Then what do you have to say about the inner clothing’s found in that vehicle?” asked defense lawyer Ham Lagat. “They are a woman’s clothing”…”belonging to who?” “To Janet I presume,” said Chege.

Chege denied claims that officers approached him asking him to open the car doors. He said while at the scene of crime, he did not see officers, just three men. He also said he did not know that the area had been cordoned off due to a possible terror attack.

“After the gunfire, I realised I had been shot at. The bullet hit me on my right arm and back. I tried to ask the people around to or call an ambulance but none did,” he said.

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In reality it is not incest but from a cultural point of view in Kikuyuland it is taboo… He can bang her but there are cultural implications…

Hapo city park si mahali pazuri, I once saw an incident tukiwa shamba and it scared and confused me.
We were parked, lots of vehicles, by the way there’s a lot of Kenyan history there.
So watu wa shamba hawapendi fujo, the most peaceful place will do.
A car parked in the opposite direction, some cars packed on our sides, then out of nowhere from the car in front of us, we hear a lady screaming, those of loud, jacking loud.
Confused not knowing if she was being robbed or it’s a deal gone bad, we see two men come for her and contain her an fback into the car.
Me being the guy who avoids all kinds of confrontation, got confused, instinct since I was on high alert from the beginning, not trusting that park. I just sped of on that dusty bumpy grass area.
Funny enough we came back later and went parked close to some Somali guys and formed a silent group of chewers watching from the cars.
Said Im never going back to that place, shamba ya wasi wasi siwezani.
Good thing shamba is a very occasional thing these days.

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From the emotions expressed by the uncle the husband to the murdered woman… And the fact that they decided to bury her away in the forest, I cannot detach the man from the murder…

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Its not incest but kind of a taboo