City Park murder: Man denies making love to his aunt

Tall millipede everywhere niaye ghasia, wapi hekaya ya leo ya kutombea beta male dame umbwa hii

Niaje rasa hii…fuata hyo link usome hio hekaya

shiro - Hekaya - Kenya Talk

Silly man.
Now he has made several enemies, from the young man to his family.
He’ll be checking his drinks, changing his routines, looking over his shoulder, thinking everyone’s out to get him at every little incident that happens…he thinks he’s “won” but in truth he hasn’t.
No one bothers avenging something done justly, but injustice is something else :slight_smile:
Angemuacha tu yule mwanamke na asonge akiendanga - literally a no brainer if he had enough proof of her infidelity.