CIA releases UFO Footage as required by Law

US Intelligence was given 180 days to declassify and release all UFO footage.
The Law was tacked into the Covid-19 government spending bill.
They have begun releasing the footage although in formats that are difficult to search.

This a copy of the first 3 videos released today combined. Some people are claiming they are flies ( insects) trapped on the camera lens.

We can’t be alone in this vast universe

Upus. The public domain is already awash with similar footage from amateur photographers and video shooters. Too little too late. Why the army not release the footage on the UFO that crashed and it’s occupants? Human race has recorded interactions with beings possessing flying vessels since pre-biblical times. What they should open up and tell us is what deals they have cut with which race of which aliens. Are they in bed with “demons” or “angels” ?

That was bullshit footage. If similar film can be released by other world governments then we can have a case worth investigation.

China with its recent growth should be an attractive destination for alien exploration.

Which crashed UFO?

China would never release such footage. You cannot even broadcast hiphop in China because it is a “morally problematic performance”.

The book of Ezekiel in the Bible described in details some encounter with aliens

We have about 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe with about 100 billion planets in our own galaxy alone. The nearest star system to us, Alpha Centauri, is about 4.2 light years away. So how do these supposed aliens/UFOs keep finding us an for what purpose exactly do they look for us? If they can already travel faster-than-light then they really have nothing to gain coming here.

Human beings are unique in their own way despite the limitations in terms of space travel. These beings from outer space can learn a lot from us. No wonder they used to visit in the past.

I am not spoon feeding you anything. It takes one weeks to months to arrive at some conclusions. Do the digging yourself, that way you know or you dont. It is not a one hour journey. You can start with the account of Stanton Friedman and watch the documentary, “UFOs are real”. Collect Roswell accounts from both the directly involved and the sceptics.

Do you have evidence of this claim?
Anyway, a civilisation capable of interstellar travel is minimum a Type II civilisation which is at least a few thousand years more advanced than us. There is not much reason for them to come here other than just curiosity.

Why are you getting defensive? If you have evidence just state it and leave it at that. As a sci-fi fan, I have watched Roswell and many other UFO/Alien documentaries and witness testimonies of encounters. All NEVER have any solid proof and ALL can be explained away one way or another be it weather balloons, birds, meteors, missiles, military tests, aeroplanes mass hallucinations etc. In fact, had I not been a sci-fi fan I’d say this things don’t exist.

Why do you assume aliens would have zero interest in Earth merely because they are more advanced than us? We have no way of knowing what would and would not interest them. It might not even be us but the planet or galaxy that they’re interested in.

If you are doing a Masters class in engineering, what could you learn from a child in Nursery school? That is how I know they have zero interest in us other than probably just a bit of curiosity that we exist.
“It might not even be us but the planet or galaxy that they’re interested in.” This is a good argument but it begs the question what would they want from earth? If it’s minerals they want, then it’s easier, cheaper, faster to just mine asteroids in their own star system than to travel across other stars and galaxies to do the same. If it’s a new home they want, a space-travelling civilisation minimum Type II civilisation will most certainly be already capable of terraforming planets in their own solar system and making them habitable. Even then, even if for whatever reason they still wanted to come here, why would they consistently select this planet out of the billions of planets out there?

:smiley: Defencive. Ok. I said you watch and read that way you know or you dont. Apparently you dont. That is fine with all of us.

Ok,its a slow day in the village.
Wasn’t this posted a while back natukachambua?

Logically you would think if their was a continent that a vessel from outer space would want to land, it would be Africa, especially by the vast sahara desert. But somehow they always choose some place in the deep mid-west …of the America’s. Just wondering. When doin an insertion behind enemy lines, avoiding detection is always a top priority for mission success and u would think them aliens would know that .

Why do people always assume aliens if they even exist at all must be superior beings compared to humans? Unaweza pata we are the smartest

You have a point. But my suspicion is that a being/beings planted life on earth and have a custodial responsibility over it.

I was not attacking you I merely asked you to produce evidence to support your statement.I don’t get it, what is so difficult with that? If you make a claim, is it upto your audience to prove what your saying is true or false or is it upto you to back up your statement with facts? If it’s the former then anyone can claim anything and later when their statements don’t hold up they can just hide behind the “You didn’t research hard enough” or the “You just don’t know about this topic” excuses like the one you threw me earlier.