Chromecast, firestick and android box.

need some help…i want to make my digital tv smart.

Tupa hio tv mgongo and buy an android tv

Tulimaliza hii debate, Android box /stick is better than android TV


You’ll receive regular software update on Android box/stick. TV will stop upgrades after about two years…

Ata LG na samsung?

Sana sana LG na Samsung.

Mi Box

sawa. didn’t know

@Agwambo bado anatumia great wall sijui kama android box itasaidia?


Just buy a smnart tv once

any one piece of equipment cannot do multiple things well. Get dedicated equipment to perform individual tasks very well. e.g. A phone camera can never match shots taken from a dedicated camera. The same way a smart TV cannot get you the same features (speed, memory, features-e.g 4k streaming) as a dedicated streaming video device.


advice on the type or brand please

[li]Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus.[/li][li]If you go android box way…Nvidia Shield TV Pro[/li][/ol]

Mbona haina SD card slot without internet it’s useless coz huwezi cast bila net

Get yourself chromecast with google tv. This dongle is on steroids

Time watu hutoa wapi? Bought a fire stick like 3 years ago but kama nishawahi itumia haiwezi pita mara tano.

Unaweka adapter