Chrome versus Firefox browser (Windows)

I use both. I think Chrome looks simplistic, minimalistic and seems a little fast. I feel Firefox is very good due to the many add-ons available for it. It also has great looks. Which of the two do you like and mostly use?

I use both but firefox is better for anonymity.

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Firefox damu…chrome hukula ram sana.

vile @Davidee amesema

Chrome is such a ram hog. Niliacha i use Firefox. Chrome only when i need to deal with some Google products. Shida ya chrome it will be using your ram even when its closed ni kama an os in its own fighting na windows

Ok… Defecting to Firefox right away

Mozila is damn slow and is susceptible to pop ups banners blot Ware as add-ons


Please back up that claim…

Mozilla seems to be the favourite. For ads and pop ups, solution ni adware blocker ama Adblock.

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am a chrome guy got enough ram so don’t mind the thing hogging it.

The issue with mozila I need to keep updating ma flash player (but with the new YouTube dadaent need flash player to play video) java asin with chrome everything is done back end and the user uses the browser. I don’t need to be downloading updates…

Uc browser mambo mbaya.

Ram hata mimi ninayo mob sana. Bedn monitoring and realised that chrome uses more ram than nikifungua photoshop and Autodesk 3ds max at the same time.

UC ni ya android…ama kuna ya comp?

Guys, unused RAM is wasted RAM. If your RAM inatumika 90%, it’s better than ikiwa 10%. Wacheni RAM itumike. Killing processes doesn’t really work. Ata kwa simu, more often than not.

RAM was meant to be used, not to be freed up kila time.

Otherwise, for me, Firefox ni poa ya web dev jobs, chromodo (an ultrasecure version of chrome) is good for normal surfing. No phoning back home to google with my usage statistics. IE for banking/cash transactions.

natumianga firefox esp on youtube coz of addons,alternatively napenda Opera for ktalk

I use both and mostly Chrome. Don’t care how much ram it munches as long as it works perfectly…

i think addons are a good thing,if it were not for them i could never download from from sites like youtube when IDM cant capturer downloads

Can any villager confirm this to me and if possible explain further. I heard that when one uses google chrome one is vulnerable to hacking as its not that secure and again they keep records of any browsing activities including ones emails and bank transactions etc etc.

Banking tumia Bitdefender safebox/safeplay kitu kama hiyo