Chrome versus Firefox browser (Windows)

i find Mozilla kono kono ajabu on my PC

chrome incognito mode damu…

hutu tu browser hatuna privacy na ni limited ndo maana watu hushikwa jaribu tor browser uingie google underground uone the hidden shit on the internet

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Thanks mujamaa, wacha nicheki hio

any internet security (anti-virus) program worth mentioning has a safe option for logging in to the net for money transactions. I use safe money of Karspersky and i have never complained.

I use both but mainly Firefox because it has many good add ons. But chrome loads a bit faster.

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Tor browser is Mozilla Firefox based.

If you want speed,simplicity go for chrome…if you want addons and privacy Mozilla will does well…one problem I have with Mozilla is the annoying regular update it wants on the other hand in like chrome coz of the syncing capability and it is also good for development.

Ai Engineer pwana!! Of course RAM was built to be used but the more the RAM is eaten up the slower the pc and even basic apps like office can make you go crazy with your machine. Kwani, si its the same reason why guys go for a large RAM size machines? So that you dont eat it all up and clog your work? If you have a pickup its efficient to utilize to the max capacity but doing that daily will ware the suspensions etc etc. Kama wewe ni cook the large the size of the table the better and even eaiser to work on your food if its not littered up. Same case with pc’s and RAM…so i disagree with you on that.

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:smiley: :smiley: Sisemi kitu!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Microsoft Spartan browser that will come with Windows 10 might prove to be one of the most advanced browsers going by its features.

Agreed. Let’s wait and see, though.