Children with dreadlocks

I have recently noticed a trend that is quite disturbing. Since schools closed, naona watoto wengi wadogo as young as 5 years wako na dreads kwa kichwa. Call me old fashioned or whatever, but what business does a kid have donning dreads? Dreads are considered to be for rebels kama mau mau, na wavutaji bangi. The only kids I knew wako na dredi ni wa Eko Dyddah, and that is of course for cheap publicity. Normal kids hupangishwa line kwa kinyozi, na kichwa inanyolewa safi kama baloon, nonini style.

So armed with my Forestry skills, I decided to do some small research on whose kids are this, and why their parents are so ignorant to expose their kids to such stupidity. And your guess is as good as what I expected. 7 out of 8 belonged to Single mothers. Yep, good luck bringing up those bastards to become doctors while donning dreads. That image you are projecting in him/her ni ya makanga ama Dj wa backstreet pubs.

ama beachboys looking for old white women huko kwa beach

Rasta=Singo matha

Demakufu kwani whats ua problem with natural hair?

Maliza high school, turn 18 and put whatever dreadlocks/hairstyle you want. It is a choice you make as an adult. Sina shida na rasta mimi.

Sasa mama aneka mtoto rasta anatembea na yeye town anaona nikama we will be WOW, AWESOME!!! Akajua vile watu wanamwona mjinga, atazinyoa faster. Help spread the word kama BBI:D:D:D

Bunch of Jaydens…

depends n the parent ,my son akona dreadz fupi n am okay with it.

Wangu ataweka dready…if people love spending their lives differently from the norm, let them be. Rules are just made by man and you shouldn’t abide by them to the letter.

Wow! High chances you are a social misfit who has achieved very little in life. Go on, buy him a gun on his 18th Birthday.

Probably he’s from a single mother(bastard)

Angusha mix achana na hii maneno huelewi…dreadlocks ni nywele.

Respect Mau Mau. They fought for independence.

Generation ya torn condoms na kumeza P2. kama njugu.

You must be one salty dude! The world is changing and if you refuse to adapt, it will run you over. I bet you’re one of the peeps who still think medicine, law, aviation and engineering are the only good careers :D:D:D open your mind mzee lyrics

We can’t all be closed minded.

You sound very old school… Im guessing you must be in your 40s or 50s.

My son will don dread locks and still become that doctor or engineer while at it.

Manze the nonsense I see nowadays people carrying Guitars, and photo shoot cameras calling themselves creatives is baffling. Not everyone is cut out to be a musician/ celebrity. These kids nowadays want the easy life of Instagram. This is the generation raising these dreadlocked kids, openly smoking bhang mbele yao.

My mind is not closed @mswazi , ni ujinga imejaa kila mahali sikuhizi:D:D:D

Ile pressure huwa mnapea singe mothers huku… wueeeh! Hard to understand

Good Luck with that. Our DJ classes will still be open akilemewa kuwa daktari.:smiley:

beyond the prejudice attached i would want to understand.
hair mode = natural hair type=Caucasian hair hair style = long but wavy/curly career = doctor, engineer…bla bla

hair mode =
natural hair type=black/african hair hair style = short and trimmed career = doctor, engineer, BBI lawyer, Senator,MCA blabla
hair mode =
natural hair type=black/african hair hair style = dreadlocks career = mech, makanga, mungiki blablabla

You see how minimalistic your thinking is son? i can bet this’s same glass-window you apply to your life outlook. And without even knowing you, i can tell that you have a Misérables life and by extension those close to you courtesy of ‘This is the way, the only no other way coz i was told so’ attitude of yours.