I’ve paid attention to many posts and I have noticed there’s a good number of dudes who act like their father produced them through cell division.I’ve seen one post that says women should not be empowered. I hope the author is not planning to get any daughters or grand daughters et al. Guys, a good woman can bring some sanity and stability in your life especially when you’re advancing in years…for those who want an argument kuja kwa kambi.

Go fuck yourself bruh.

Uko standby ama

Nice debating skills, bravo

You have a lot to learn mr.

Thank you for the compliment bro. I’ve been trying perfection for ages. Now go guard the gate, boy.

I have earned stripes bro, thanks to us idiots like you cannot be can exist in your world of idiocy in peace

Maybe you can enrol me to your college of chauvinism

That school is called life.

Right now, it’s your “young and stupid” typing, not your “older and wiser”.

Well said, most of the people posting that are love starved youngsters.

Ni makasiriko ya maisha. I come to abuse single mothers because they are all meffi to my eyes:D:D:D

A deluded bustard brought up by a single mother!

Pewa jub mbili kiongoss

You seem damaged Pole bro. Give me points that show I’m wrong. You’re not earning yourself marks by throwing insults. BTW I’m confident that I’m way older than you judging by how your supporting your points.

No bro I come from a two parent home who BTW are still together after 44 years of holy matrimony . Once again someone throws insults instead of concrete points.

Think… Even proverbs 31, the quintessential descriptor of the ideal wife, starts by acknowledging the long held kijiji wisdom… ‘a good wife who can find?’
It’s not chauvinism to be alive to the beguiling nature of the other sex

No one gives a rats ass. This village is that madman you hear every market has. You will be very surprised if you met some guys here in person. Very sober and focused.

Silly trick once you stop buying pussy you will understand it.

Poor old man…you mean he has endured you and your mother for 44yrs?..with all this crap that your mother has clearly been pumping into your mind?

Nobody has insulted you young man. I’m just saying, you are naive and have a lot to learn. Read this post after 10 years in the school of hard knocks, you will be in a position to see life with new eyes.