Caroline Kangogo dad in tears after he was unable to pick his daughters body for burial

Pole baba it’s called Kenya. You are in prayer of Kenyans and all will be well. God is there. Even if post mortem results are cooked God knows what really happened and that your daughter is innocent… Alale salama tukingonja Yesu arudi.

Very sad for a father to loose his daughter in this way and be given the run around on postmortem. The exercise should Have been conducted as promised.

The media has done a bad job in focusing more on her than the other victims whose families that have also been deeply impacted.

According to the father:
-Caroline took a nduthi to her home at around 10pm previous night.
-:She did not bother anyone

  • She went to the bathroom, locked from inside then shot herself.
  • Mum discovered her in the morning while cleaning the bathroom.

Conspiracy theorists:
-Caroline took a nduthi to her home at around 10pm previous night.

  • She went straight to the main house.
  • She cocked her gun ready to murder her parents.
  • aàala but Mzae had sighted her from 18 and was ready to pounce.
  • In self defence…

Rest is history.

Why is this bathroom so clean? Where is the boda guy? The dad is grieving tusimuekele mauaji as cops did Caro.

Dad was a cop you know.
Something happened that night which probably we will never know.
But I would like to hear her mother’s side of the story.

The witch died, that’s all that matters

Exactly,that’s all that matters

Exactly,that’s all that matters

Witch ni mamako. You need to keep your big nose out of what you don’t know. You were never there and you don’t know what happened.

Just remember that after all the wrongs this woman suffered her kids will have fees paid upto PhD level if they are willing to pursue.

God would not have moved donors to this if she was an evil person.

My question to you is, when you die will anyone slaughter two bulls for you and will villagers come to chonga viazi for you? I doubt.

Fagia kwako ukingonjea the judgement day when all that is hidden will be revealed.

If any has the pay bill put it up.

She is already dead, and your idiotic ramblings will not bring her to life. Malaya mzee. Wewe tasa ukifa nani atakuzika? Takataka.

-that there were cops manning that homestead the whole time , before she even went home when she arrived what did they do ???. the picture which she is seen walking casually at home who took it , am walipost kwa wakumbwa to prove she is there then execution orders were sent they do clean up ??. cover up after cover up . we now expect the same cops to do investigations on them selves and give us the truth . Big joke .

Sijui ni mimi tu but post mortem ni ya nini surely?
Whats the point of making a grown man wail infront of cameras for his deceased daughter after a 2 week excruciating ordeal for kangogos immediate family…whether kangogos nasty or not.
The guys who are giving kangogos fam a hard time i suspect ni wale cops who were in cahoots na huyo kangogo mwenyewe pamoja na pals wa ogweno.
Mbona ogweno hakufanywa hivyo na maybe tukichambua file yake vizuri he worse than kangogo?
Enyewe wanawake pia ni watu…lets respect women.
Halafu hao cops wote walikuwa wanajifanya machozi hapo waki view body…they are the key witnesses should a probe be carried out…they were all in it together.
Enyewe as society we need to hit the reset button and go back to the basics.
Capote with you all the way on this matter.

The father should be ashamed of his rotten seed that brought so much suffering to the world. Akwende huko and his killer offspring. He should be castrated to get rid of hizo mbegu mbaya.


Waste of good poosy

You are asking about details in a case that are not revealed until trial.
My conclusion in this case is that you will never believe the facts you are given. Your mind is made up.

She wished to kill and then be dead- mzee should respect her wishes. Stoicism will help the man piver longer and happier.

Malaya Mzee ni mamako. You are bitter with a dead woman? If your whore of a mother never taught you to respect the dead, maybe she can teach you vile yeye hutombwa hadi na mbwa for money. Mafeelings Peleka Hague shoga hii. Wewe utakufa kama umbwa utupwe kwa river iko na mamba. You are bitter with me bcz sijazalia tumbili kama wewe? Afadhali nife than I make such a mistake in my life kuzalia gorilla. ,Ambia mamako umtombe akuzalie on my behalf uwache machungu. Kama unazalishe ndio upate mtu wa kukuzika then you are even more pathetic than I thought. Caroline Kangogo is getting a befitting send off and it’s not from her kids or her husband, it’s from her dad and siblings and village mates. I don’t understand why you should be bitter about a dead person yeye atakua mbinguni ukichomeka hell. Go read comments in her videos Kenyans are sympathizing with her. Wewe Sijui ni shida gani uko nayo na yeye. Who hurt you? I have never seen this level of bitterness hadi unatusi mtu humjua na amekufa. You need a psychiatric help. You are just too bitter. Wacha nikublock usiniletee machungu zako mimi. Leave the dead alone. Goodbye.

I don’t know why you people are bitter with a dead woman hadi munatusi babake. Mbona muko na machungu hivi Lakini? Whatever is frustrating you avoid taking it out on a dead woman and her grieving dad.

Pole kwa Mzee. RIP Caroline.

I noted very poor crime scene preservation as many boots swarmed the area around the crime scene.