Cannabis Should Be Cultivated Legally As A Cash Crop. Would Increase National Wealth Through It's Taxation

If grass was made legal in Kenya there would be tremendous benefits to the nation.
[li]Prisons would be decongested instantly[/li][li]Farms would employ millions of idle youths[/li][li]Cannabis Oil for medical use would help Kenya earn millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies[/li][/ol]
I don’t use weed but it’s continued ban has more disadvantages than advantages.


The USA does large scale farming of Poppy in Afghanistan and fools people that it is there as part of War On Terror. Hata sisi Africa we should be cultivating cannabis just like maize and beans.


The only problem is the Government Doesn’t like competition.

The USSR is only too happy to support drug cartels in Colombia akina FARC guerillas.

Shida huwa wapi heroin ikitoka Afghanistan iende Moscow.

Or who do you think keeps South America in warrior mode 24/7?


This is codeword for keep sending migrants North. Sumbua kabisa.

[SIZE=6]Russia and Guatemala agree to diversify trade, economic ties — Lavrov[/SIZE]
Russian Politics & DiplomacyJune 24, 16:57
[SIZE=5]The minister added that, despite the distance and various logistical difficulties, Russia and Guatemala have a very rich palette of relations[/SIZE]

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Russia and Guatemala agreed to intensify necessary steps to diversify trade and economic ties, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press conference following talks with Guatemalan Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo Vila.
"We agreed to step up joint work in practical areas. Despite the situation in the global economy, which is significantly affected by the coronavirus infection, our trade grew by more than 6% last year, this is about $100 million. Of course, this is not enough, and the potential of our countries allow us counting on a much more impressive result,"Lavrov said.
"We agreed on the necessary steps in this direction to diversify trade and economic ties,"he added.
Lavrov drew attention to the fact that the head of the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited a number of Russian institutions, including the Russian federal space agency, as well as contacted the Emergencies Ministry, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the National Committee for Assistance to Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries.
“We also positively noted the active participation of the Guatemalan delegation led by the Minister of Economy at the SPIEF (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), where he spoke at a special section organized for the countries of Latin America,” the minister recalled.
The Russian top diplomat noted that during the talks the parties also discussed ways to reveal additional opportunities for expanding economic ties.
“These are contacts between Guatemala and the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union — TASS). During his stay in Moscow, the minister had contacts with the Eurasian Economic Commission, and as I understand it these contacts will continue. We actively support such contacts,” Lavrov said.
The minister added that, despite the distance and various logistical difficulties, Russia and Guatemala have a very rich palette of relations.
“We believe that these are relations that can serve as a model for many other bilateral partnerships. We will in every possible way deepen cooperation in all areas,” the Russian Foreign Minister stressed.

Ebu ask a pedi if they want weed to be legal. The answer will surprise you. Despite all the complaints about police harassment, bribes and jail time for moving small amounts, they would rather the product remains illegal and the market unregulated.

Here are some vaccines. Keep disturbing the gringos. Flood their border.

[SIZE=7]Guatemala receives first batch of Sputnik V vaccines[/SIZE]
Sofia Menchu

2 minute read
GUATEMALA CITY, May 5 (Reuters) - Guatemala on Wednesday took delivery of its first consignment of Russian Sputnik V vaccines, with 50,000 doses arriving despite Guatemalan concerns Russia could cancel the deal after the confidential vaccine contract was leaked.
Guatemala’s government at the end of March acquired 16 million doses from Russia for $79.6 million. A week later, half the amount was paid and Russia offered to ship 100,000 doses in the last week of April, but the vaccines were delayed.
Over the weekend Guatemalan newspaper El Periodico published the contract online, prompting President Alejandro Giammattei on Tuesday to suggest in an interview that deal could be canceled due to a breach of confidentiality.
Pedro Brolo, Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, at a press conference with a Russian diplomat, said the two sides were working to resolve their differences.

“We deeply regret the leak,” Brolo said. “By publishing the contract you are risking the clauses of the same contract that could put the arrival of vaccines at risk,” said Brolo.

Who is a pedi?

@patco must you always ambush other posts with your stale political talking points

Small time drug dealers.

I believe we have more important things to worry about. Legalizing that shit kwani kuna tofauti with Colombia being allowed to farm cocaine commercially?

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Colombia Ambassador summoned by the real boss.

[SIZE=6]Colombia’s ambassador summoned to Russian Foreign Ministry over cyberattack allegations[/SIZE]
Russian Politics & DiplomacyMay 24, 18:07

[SIZE=5]This was made "over groundless and utterly unfounded statements by Colombia’s Defense Minister Diego Molano over “cyberattacks carried out from Russia,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said[/SIZE]
MOSCOW, May 24. /TASS/. Colombia’s ambassador in Moscow Alfonso Lopez Caballero has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry over groundless statements by Colombia’s Defense Minister Diego Molano that Russia was responsible for cyberattacks.
"On May 24, Colombia’s ambassador to Russia Alfonoso Lopez Caballero was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Surprise was expressed to him over groundless and utterly unfounded statements by Colombia’s Defense Minister Diego Molano over “cyberattacks carried out from Russia.” Molano made the statement in the context of alleged foreign intervention aimed at instigating internal political instability and mass protests in Colombia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.
Russia has more than once invited Colombia to enter into a dialogue in the field of international cybersecurity and it remains prepared for such cooperation, the Foreign Ministry said.
“If the Colombian side has confirmed evidence of cyberattacks and is genuinely interested in establishing their origin, there exist official channels of information exchanges and the corresponding infrastructure for this,” the statement runs. “Russia’s agency in charge is the National Center for Computer Incidents. At a certain point, the Russian agencies concerned presented a draft treaty on legal assistance, but the Colombian side refused to discuss it. Once again we are calling upon our partners to respond to our calls so as to avoid misunderstanding in the future.”

Different class of drugs. Cocaine is a stimulant. Stimulants are regulated products.


[SIZE=7]Russian Influence in Mexican and Colombian Elections[/SIZE]
January 4, 2018
David Salvo
Deputy Director
Stephanie De Leon

Russia’s ongoing effort to destroy faith in democracy is not only a problem for the United States and Europe. The Kremlin has set its sights on destabilizing next year’s Mexican and Colombian elections — even capturing the attention of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster — and has been strengthening its instruments of political influence in both countries. In 2015, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, then in his capacity as Commander of U.S. Southern Command, warned that “Russia has pursued an increased presence in Latin America through propaganda, military arms and equipment sales, counterdrug agreements, and trade.” Additionally, he warned that Russia under President Putin is returning to Cold War tactics, and is “using power projection in an attempt to erode U.S. leadership and challenge U.S. influence in the Western Hemisphere …” Russia’s main apparatus for spreading disinformation in Latin America, RT en Español, has already targeted the 2018 elections in Mexico and Colombia, particularly on its Spanish-language YouTube channel, which is reported to have almost 4.5 million monthly viewers and approximately 400,000 subscribers.

Russia sends cocaine to America.

America sends heroin to Russia. Case closed.

Iran wont allow poppy to cross the border.

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There are ways.

Russia has one of the world’s biggest heroin problems, with up to three million addicts according to local non-governmental organizations. Twenty one percent of the 375 tons of heroin produced from Afghanistan’s opium fields now finds its way through central Asia into Russia, according the United Nations. (By contrast, China, with nine times more people, consumes just 13 percent.)

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