Cannabis Should Be Cultivated Legally As A Cash Crop. Would Increase National Wealth Through It's Taxation

Ndindu the owner of the thread alluded to the fact that the U.S protects heroin production in Afghanistan and that is exactly the point I am dwelling on that this is all part of the Cold war. So stop trolling.

How exactly am I trolling?

I knew this would soon degenerate into a mudslinging party. :D:D

Huyu mjaluo mwenzako ako na hasira za thread ingine, ameamua azilete hapa.

And you claim to follow science, what do you understand when medics say that cannabis is a GATEWAY drug?

Wacha kumuingilia. He spoke the truth. Wewe unapenda kufanya kila Kitu ni US vs Russia ama US vs China.

Ni wapi nilitaja China, Colombia, Mexico, Russia kwa thread yangu? Nyang’au

China sends fentanyl to the US.
Mimi naona iko sawa

What do they say about alcohol yet it is legal? Alcohol kills more people than cocaine, Heroine, Meth, Weed combined yet it is LEGAL

Alcohol should be the MOST ILLEGAL Drug on earth going by your dense reasoning.

The reason why cannabis is illegal in USA is because it needs very LITTLE processing before consuption thereby denying the govt revenue. The only process needed is DRYING. Free sunlight does that. Capitalism is a form of cancer that would even tax the air we breath if they had the means.

If you continue to burn up the hearbs
You gonna burn down the cane fields

Can’t happen. Drugs in general lead to insecurity. Insecurity disproportionately affects the rich because they have more to lose. It is the rich that make laws ie the top 1%. They could never pass a law that risks their wealth.

Kumbaff ulikuwa unataja U.S poppy fields in Afghanistan ukiongelesha akina nani??? :D:D

You could’ve left it at Kenya needs cannabis, end of story but clearly your real agenda was poppy fields in Afghanistan.

And FYI, the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979 with the intention to grow heroin for distribution to Western Europe, Middle East and to U.S allies in Africa.

When the USSR was growing those poppy plantations I imagine they had their eye on Kenya but alas their plan kind of backfired. Now the poison goes straight to Moscow.

Enough said. Your version makes more sense than the song.

Look at liberal California. Look at all the homelessness and crime that has arisen after they legalised cannabis. Look at Portland Oregon and Seattle.

Look at Amsterdam, drug hub of Europe. Bhangi sio sigara.

:D:D:D let’s hope that the Chinese don’t start getting high on their own supply.

Why is it illegal to drink for 18 year olds but legal to smoke tobacco in most US states? 21 is the legal age to drink but you can buy a gun at 18

If the US or the UK tel Uhuru to legalize cannabis, tommorow it would be as legal as sweet potatoes. We are just slave and Uhuru is the house Nigger. He will do anything his masters dictate.

from my research , i have discovered 90% of youth btn the age of 17 and 26 are actively smoking bhang , recreationally lakini .

@Jimit confirm

I am 35

Do you know why cannabis is a class on it’s own? And why we have stimulants and narcotics?

They tax apples and carrots. Don’t remember any processing