BREAKING NEWS ::: Babies used as Bait to catch wild alligators and crocodiles

This really messed me up …completely…

Babies were stolen , they then tied ropes and threw the infants in rivers , marshes etc… the huge reptiles would bite the baby and they would pull the rope… then hit the reptile with an axe… made huge profits !

This is actually well documented , the video has more information …was well known activity juu walichora kwa official post stamps and popular products , from medicine to sweets…



They were also sold like livestock, breeding records were kept, profit/loss statements on daily cotton labour

Crazy stuff


I wish I could unread this.

i am disturbed mentally

Despicable zile unyama hawa watu walifanyia our ancestors.

How anyone can read history and still be pro West is beyond me.

Yeah hii tulidiscuss couple of years ago

i think i found a real photo…


With white devils, anything is possible. This thing might have happened in real life. Ati they even fed black children to pigs.
How sick are these people?

you said it might have happened but this is actual history , there are stamps celebrating these crimes… thats proof enough even though evidence ni mingi…

there are even poems and songs on this


Aint that a croco? ,or maybe im loco.
No crocs in yunaires steits that far back but meh!

But black people you never fought for your race. What do you expect.

You sold your people to the whites in the slave trades.

Instead of black people fighting hard to protect their race they regardless worship the white man, follows his ways, admires him etc

No blood? Ever heard of photoshop

After the bloody civil war and abolition of slavery, Abe Lincoln called Fredrick Douglass the top black activist and told him, “You know what we have done? You realise there will be consequences and I won’t be able to protect you?”

He meant that they had destroyed the South using fake news and a fake nateative and there would be repurcussions. And he was very right indeed.

Abe Lincoln proposed return to Africa because the British will soon colonize Africa. We can give you guns to protect your brothers. Fredrick Douglass alikataa na akasema he ain’t leaving the U.S of A.

If the U.S was so bad then why did he refuse to leave???

Abe Lincoln proposed Panama where gold had been discovered. A country of free black people in Panama.

Fredrick Douglass alikataa kata kata. The Europeans came and colonized Africa yet Fredrick Douglass had been given a heads up by Lincoln.

He refused to take his people to Liberia or Chiriqui Panama. And like Lincoln predicted black people underwent conditions worse than slavery as the Southern whites paid back in kind. Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings, share cropping etc.

The 40 acres and a mule was Panama but Fredrick Douglass refused.

Fredrick Douglass could’ve been the first president of the whole of West Africa and united everyone against the colonialist.

…“semantics”…alligator , crocodile , whatever … swali ni , did you get the message ?

Bro where exactly do you get all this stuff? And why ain’t they in mainstream??

This whole story is full of lies.

The factors of production were in the South. The wealth was in the South. The leadership was in the North. The South is refusing with the wealth. They even want to leave the Union and form a separate country. What do you do?

You create a fake narrative about slavery and start a fight. And then you loot all their savings and gold and move it to Fort Knox military base in Kentucky.

Like George Bush he wants to kill Sadam so that they can build railway lines and roads to the factories in China and dominate all the oil wealth.

But how do you kill Saddam LEGALLY?

You create a fake story that he has “nocula” weapons of mass destruction.

Trump wins an election that he wasn’t supposed to win. He is disrupting One Belt One Road. He wants to move U.S factories back to America. How do you get rid him?

You create a fake narrative that Trump is in fact a KGB mole and that govt insiders should stop working with him and then you impeach him twice and steal the election.

Hurtful. Then you find simpletons here looking down on American blacks after they have gone through generational systemic trauma . I do pity them alot

Were your ancestors slave owners in Georgia ? you seem to be very passionate about the Southern cause

I have always hated white man. This race is sick in the head and I don’t understand why they are ever brought to account